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What is Printing Operation Procedure

Printing Operation Procedure

1. Application

This procedure applies to the control of printing operations.

2. Reference Document

SML Offset Standard Operating Procedures Manual

3. Definition

Responsible Officer – the person who takes the responsibilities to handle the specified processes.

4. Responsibility

4.1 Responsible Officer

l Handles the day to day printing operations according to the relevant instructions.

4.2 Department Head/Site Manager

l reviews and makes disposition on nonconformance product.

5. Qualification or Training

All staffs who handles FSC order shall have attended FSC Awareness Training

6. Procedure

6.1 Conversion Factor

Each site should identify the main processing steps involving a change of material volume or weight and specify the conversion factor for each processing step or for the total processing steps (whichever is more appropriate and feasible).

It shall specify the methodology for calculating the conversion factor and ensure that conversion factors are kept up to date.

6.2 Material Balance

For each product group, it shall ensure the quantities produced and /or sold with FSC claims are compatible with the quantities of inputs from different material categories and the product group conversion factors.

6.3 Determination of FSC Claims

For each product group, it shall determine for each job order the appropriate FSC claim according to transfer system for the product group.

6.4 Materials Preparation

6.4.1 The Responsible Officer checks the stock status to ensure sufficient materials are available for the order and retrieve required materials in accordance with the relevant instruction.

6.4.2 When it is necessary to place order to the required materials, the Procument Excecutive will issue purchase order in accordance with Chapter 10 – Procument Control Procedure.

6.5 Printing and Finishing

6.5.1 The Responsible Officer should verify and sign on the “Daily Production Record” to ensure it fulfills the customer requirements before bulk printing. The signed machine print sheet will be kept in the job file together with other records.

6.5.2 The Responsible Officer will check the material which will cause the product under the FSC standard (under FSC Mixed 70%/ FSC Recycled 85%).

6.5.3 Company would not adopt Percentage system and Credit System for FSC production at the moment.

6.5.4 The Responsible Officer should follow the printing and finishing operations specified in the relevant instructions and perform inspection check at appropriate stages of production if this is feasible.

6.5.5 The results of inspection should be recorded and approved to authorize the release of product if this is feasible.

6.5.6 The Responsible Officer should calculate the Conversion Factor for each individual component of a product group under FSC Printing and record in the “FSC Conversion Factor Record Log” or other appropriate documents

6.5.7 Conversion Factor is used to calculate the converted amount (weight) or material following transformation by dividing the Output (Weight) by the Input (Weight).

6.5.8 The wastage or scrap quantity or volume is recorded in the “Production Wastage Record” if feasible.

6.6 Production Segregation

6.6.1 The Responsible Officer should clearly indicate the production of the FSC Certified products with identification or label.

6.6.2 The Responsible Officer should verify the FSC Certified Materials prior to the production of the FSC certified product.

6.6.3 The produced and inspected FSC certified products would be labeled with product identification by the Responsible Officer and arranged to the applicable area for storage / delivery.

6.6.4 The Responsible Officer has to maintain the “Daily Production Record” of the certified finished products after production if feasible.

6.6.5 Non-conformance product should not be delivered unless otherwise approved by respective manager and where applicable by the customer.

6.7 FSC Related

6.7.1 Material Input

Purchase Summary
Material Stock Record
Material Output
Sales Summary

7. Record

7.1 Daily production records shall be kept for 5 years.

7.2 FSC Conversion Factor Record Log shall be kept for 5 years.

7.3 Production Wastage Record shall be kept for 5 years

8. Attachment

8.1 Daily Production Record

8.2 FSC Conversion Factor Record Log

8.3 Production Wastage Record

Production Process

While all managers involved in planning, organizing, and controlling, operations managers have the direct responsibility of "getting the job done." They must provide the leadership that is needed to produce the product or service demanded by the customer.

There will be a greater emphasis on excelling in the arena of time-based competition. Not only must parts and products flow through factories at acceler­ating rates, but also the time between product develop­ment and production will need to be shortened by a factor of three or four. The quality concepts of the 1980s must be expanded to involve every employee in a significant way. The best organizations will empower their employees to identify and solve a vast array of problems quickly. Dealing with these new complexities, missions, and competitive arenas will demand operations managers with a depth and breadth not previously required.

With quality, productivity, and timelines more competitively significant than ever before, operations management has added behavioral and modeling approaches to its historical use of the classical/scientific schools of management tech­niques.

The complexities of our contemporary world have heightened our dependence on organizations and the people who manage them; yet often we fail to understand and appreciate the process of management. Moreover, as we've learned from foreign competitors, we have seriously neglected the operations of our organizations. We have taken for granted our preeminence as capable producers. No longer can we afford to do .goods and services are created and to revitalize the ways that we manage the human and material resources for doing so.

All of these many elements such as the concepts, terminology, problems, and opportunities that come into play in the fascinating field of operations management.

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