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What Is Printing Styles? What Is Discharge Screen Printing?

Printing Styles  What Is Discharge Screen Printing

Printing Styles 

Discharge printing can also be defined as localized dyeing. Defined as the application of dye or pigment in a different pattern on the fabric and by subsequent after treatment of fixing the dye or pigment to get a particular design. Sometimes a printed fabric can be identified by looking at the back side of fabric where there is no design or color as face side. In cotton, dyes like vat, reactive are used In manmade, dyes like disperse and cationic are used. There are three basic printing styles to printing a color on a fabric. First one is direct printing, second one is discharge screen printing and third one is resist printing

Direct To Garment Printing 

          In this type of printing dye is applied onto the fabric by carved block, stencil, screen, engraved roller etc.
          The dye is imprinted on the fabric in paste form and any desired pattern may be produced
          Example:-block printing, roller printing, screen printing operation etc.
direct to garment printing
Direct to garment printing pic. 1

Direct to garment printing pic. 1
Direct to garment printing pic.2
Direct to garment printing pic. 3
Direct to garment printing pic.3
Direct to garment printing pic. 4
Direct to garment printing pic.4

Resist printing

          In this method bleached fabric are printed with  a resist paste ( a resinous substance that cannot be penetrated when the fabric is immersed in a dye ).
          The dye will only affect only the parts that are not covered by the resist paste .
          After the fabric has passed through a subsequent dyeing process the resist paste is removed, leaving a pattern on a dark background
Resist printing

Resist printing
Resist printing

Resist printing process
Resist printing

Resist printing technique

Discharge Screen Printing  

          In the  method of discharge screen printing  the fabric is dyed and then printed with a chemical that will destroy the color in designed areas.
          Sometimes the base color is removed and another color printed in its place by discharge screen printing 
Discharge printing Pic.
Discharge printing Pic. 1
Discharge printing
Discharge printing Pic. 2
Discharge printing Pi.
Discharge printing process

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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