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Production Account department Procedure

Production Account department
Production Account department Procedure

Total factory daily production report update and sending washing/receiving washing quantity update washing defect report maintain.

Order quantity and production follow up.

Perform By: Manager Production Account/Production Counter
Report to: GMP/PM/Head of IE

  • As per merchandiser send Recap and cutting report must following style/color/washing/and quantity.
  • Production counter will update hourly production sheet and inform GMP/Head Of IE/PM/for per the action,
  • As must make the production summary of all department and need to submit all relevant managers, for their reference

Washing sending and receiving

Perform By: Production Counter
Report to: AMPA / GMP

  • Production counter will arrange Daily production to send washing as per style and color wise ,and record maintain for reference.
  • Must make the Challan before sending washing.
  • Must count receiving washing and make the report as per style and color production counter will responsible.

Finishing daily production

Perform by: Production Counter
Report to: Finishing Manager / AMPA/GMP / Head of IE

  • After wash garment will count and follow up the shade then given input the finishing line .quantity will update daily registered.
  • Production counter will update hourly production report and advise responsible managers.

Reject garment report maintain

Perform By: AMPA
Report to: Finishing Manager/QAM /GMP

  • Production account department must checking daily rejection garment and update style wise rejection report .Also must maintained rejection report as sewing/washing/finishing/fabric defect separate and make a report.
  • Must maintain the monthly summary also for factory reference
  • Also must sending all rejection report relevant managers for their reference and make necessary action.

Recommendations for Production – Trims Factory

Corrugation production Plan: 
  • As per require job full day’s work order make pervious day evening. 
  • As per Roll size corrugation start whatever 3 ply or 5 ply. 
  • As per urgent basis roll size start small or big. (Roll size 750mm-1500mm). 
  • Slitter/Scorer Plan : 
  • Small qty will be score from this machine. 
  • Sample carton made from this machine. 
  • Any urgent carton/ short qty carton should make from this section. 
  • Slitter Plan : 
  • Without print carton slotte/ cutting as per urgent requirement and also adjust with gum pasting and stitching department. 
  • All screen print carton slotte as per production plan and adjust with screen print department. 

Auto Print Plan : 

  • In the morning take corrugation plan. 
  • Auto print always follow the corrugation plan. 
  • Qty should be =+200pcs 
Manual Print Plan: 
  • In the morning time take corrugation Plan. 
  • Prepared manual printing plan as per urgent and slotter schedule. 
  • Always Adjust screen department and slotter carton which carton production. 
Stitching Plan:

  • Always follow auto printing, Slitter and screen printing department plan. 
Gum pasting : 

  • Always follow auto printing, Slitter and screen printing department plan. 
  • Binding department : follow stitching and Gum pasting department. 
  • Delivery Department : Within one hours finishing goods should be transfer from finishing floor. We have to add more transportation capacity. 
  • Remain board plan : always all kinds of quality board available in stock for sample, short carton. If makes production faster. 
  • We suggest installing CCTV in the floor. We feel confident that in this case, we may get at least 10% more productivity. We have noticed that many working hours are lost due to slow work of the workers especially in gum pasting area. 
  • The floor in charge should held a weekly meeting with supervisors briefing on the problems, shortfall and work process. They should be intimated their performances. 
  • The finished goods from the production floor should be moved out creating enough space for printing, gum pasting and finishing. 
  • Daily production must be restricted to the production plan. No extra carton should be produced which will remain as stock. Any stock of cartons occupies the floor space slowing down the productivity. 
  • As to the quality of the cartons, we demand an immediate replacement of the boiler with proper capacity and pressure matching our auto corrugating machines.

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