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Recruitment Summery for IE & Production Accounting

Recruitment Summery  for IE & Production Accounting

Recruitment Summery 

This has reference to your application for a job with the company and the subsequent interview we had Standard Operation Procedure of IE in this regard. The management is pleased to set out the terms of your employment Auto Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”) as detailed below:

  • Job Title: You will join us as “Assistant Officer, IE & Production Accounting, Cutting Unit-1” on or before 03 February 2011.
  • Employment: You will be on probation for 06 (six) months at the end of which and based on your performance, your appointment will be confirmed or your probationary period may be extended.
  • Remuneration: You will receive a gross salary of Tk. 15,500/= (Five thousand five hundred only) per month the break up of which is as follows;
  • If the company provides you transport facility no conveyance allowance shall be paid to you.
  • Duties: You will observe the normal attendance of hours of the company applicable to the location of your posting. You will devote your whole time and attention to the business of the company, obey and observe all lawful instructions given to you and generally use your best endeavors to promote the interest of the company.
  • Restrictions: During your employment with the company you will not engage yourself in trade or business other than that of the company.
  • Confidentiality: During your employment you will not divulge to any person or persons any secret or confidential knowledge or information which you may have acquired as a result of your employment with the company. If you disclose any such information to any other person, the company will take such action, as it considers necessary to protect or enforce its rights against you and / or such other person.
  • Posting: Your initial posting will be at our plant located at Khejurbagan, Ashulia, Dhaka. However, the management reserves the right to relocate you at any other place.
  • Working Hours & Leave: Your working days and weekly off will be as per company policy. You will be allowed to enjoy the leave as per company leave policy and labor laws as may be applicable from time to time.
  • Termination: Your employment may be terminated by the company at any time during your probationary period. After confirmation either party may terminate the services by giving one (01) month notice.
  • You will upon termination of your employment, deliver to the company all properties, which may be in your possession including all materials and all documents.
  • If you are in breach of this agreement or are found guilty of misconduct, company will take appropriate disciplinary action as per existing law of the land.
  • Your services shall be governed by the prevailing laws in force as well as the rules & regulations of the company as may be applicable from time to time.

Please sign and return to us a copy of this appointment letter duly accepted by you and let us know the tentative date of your joining. On or before joining please also submit the following to the Personnel Department:

  • 2 copies of passport size photograph
  • Photocopies of certificate/mark sheets in support of your academic qualifications
  • Photocopy of the releasing letter for the previous employer
  • Salary certificate in proof of last salary drawn
  • Certificate/statement of the deduction of income tax

We welcome you to the Cosmopolitan family and look forward to a long-term association with you.

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