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Standard Operating Procedure of Sewing Quality

Standard Operating Procedure of Sewing Quality

Style Wise PP Meeting

To discuss and take necessary Corrective & Preventive actions before start the production of each style and to make sure every department is updated with the Fabric/Accessory requirement, Technical specifications, Workman ship, Target, Shipment details etc. On evaluation of Approved sample QUALITY ASSURANCE manager shall have a complete report with sample evaluation comments to discuss about the construction and other requirements up to the packing. Merchandising department shall prepare a complete order file inclusive of buyer's latest information's, details and comments, Fabric and trim status report which is prepared by the Stores in charge. Copies to be distributed to all relevant departments.

Procedure :-

  • Before start the PP meeting must have approved trim card and approved sample in hand.
  • P.P. Meeting (internal) shall conduct prior to pilot cut with the involvement of all departments concerned in the manufacturing unit.
  • Quality Assurance Manager and Production Manager shall jointly take the initiative to conduct this meeting and will update
  • Finally all departments shall come to a conclusion and be agreed to proceed with the bulk production in the as per the PP meeting minutes, also prepared PP meeting minutes will be share with all relevant 

Size Set Make.

Perform By: Sample Man / LM / Quality Head / Technical IE / IE

Report to: PM / AMANAGER / O. AM/

  • Sewing department will be prepared input challan and take size set covering all size cut from cutting department. Also accessories from store department against to Assort bundle statement.
  • Sewing finish pattern maker will be responsible for collecting cutting pattern from cutting department and will be prepared finish pattern as required. Also he will be responsible for hand over finish patter for stitching of size set with Quality Head.
  • Sample man will be responsible for stitching size set help with Line Head with Quality Head in present of IE Technical in charge and respective IE. Also will update PM Accordingly
  • After stitching the size set sample man will be hand over sample to Quality Head for construction and before wash measurement check.
  • Quality Head shall prepared a report against to measurement and sample will be handover to production account department got sending size set to washing plant.
  • After receiving wash size set from washing production account department will be responsible for hand over size set to sewing Quality Head for check after wash measurement.
  • Base on the after wash measurement if any pattern amendment QA in charge must inform to AO, AM for further action.
  • AO, AM will be responsible for discuss with and O, AM for if any pattern amendment.
  • If any amendment AMANAGER will pass to cutting department amendment pattern with measurement sign of by and MANAGER.

Pilot Run and Bulk production start.

Perform By: IE Technical In charge / IE / Supervisor / LM / Quality QA / Quality Head Report to: / MANAGER / Head of IE / PM

  • After amendment the pattern cutting will proceed the pilot cut and will be hand over to sewing department through the input challan base on the sewing line wise input plan
  • Line Head will be responsible to collect accessories from store department against to Assort bundle statement.
  • Also Needle no's must write down by maintenance manager in changeover check list which is prepared by IE Department.
  • Line layout will start in the present of PM / AMANAGER / IE Technical/IE / Line Head/Quality Instructor/Line supervisor/Mechanic and Electrician.
  • IE Technical will be responsible for feed the line according to approved OB / Lay out and Industrial engineer will be responsible for fill-up changeover check list and get the quick action against to feeding loss. Also update Head of IE Accordingly.
  • This changeover check list all respective persons should be sign operation by operation for their easy understanding.
  • Quality Instructor will be check the construction and speck measurement is correct or not.
  • Also quality Instructor will be responsible for prepared and hang all respect mock-ups in each work station.
  • Same time he will be responsible for maintain traffic card system as per the traffic card procedure.
  • After feed complete by section Kanban in place for easy tracking.
  • After complete the line feed according to new output size set will collect by Quality Head after measure will be hand over to production account department for sending washing.
  • After the wash pilot run size set received from washing production account department must hand over to Quality Head for measurement check.
  • Base on the after wash measurement if any pattern amendment QA in charge must inform to AO. AM for further action.
  • AMANAGER will be responsible for discuss with and MANAGER for if any pattern amendment.
  • If any amendment AMANAGER will pass to cutting department amendment pattern with measurement sign of by and MANAGER
  • As per the amendment cutting will start bulk cutting as per day requirement.
  • Bulk cut and production will continue.
  • Also 100% garment end line check
  • QA Instructor must be responsible to do random audit before sent to wash
  • Also QA Instructor will be responsible for take 3 pcs from each size output must check and confirm easurement and make report accordingly.
  • Also supervisor and Line Head will be responsible for take hourly individual production and update in each work station.
  • Supervisor/Line Head/Quality Instructor will be responsible for maintain bundle / pcs serial for easy tracking

Sewing Style Reconciliation Report

Perform by: PM
Report to: / Also share with all respective departments

  • PM will be responsible for preparing and update style details in this report. Also he will be responsible for share this report with every respective persons by E mail.

Traffic Card System

Perform By: Sewing Quality Instructor / Sewing Quality QI
Report to: Quality Head / LM / AMANAGER / PM/MANAGER/


  • Checker will identify the Operation having a Quality issue's
  • Quality Instructor will check the report and Responsible to Audit in work station.
  • If Quality not in acceptable level Instructor have Authority to change card GREEN TO YELLOW.
  • Quality Instructor will be responsible to inform Line Head / Section Supervisor for to have more ention and take a corrective action.
  • After the 30 minutes Instructor must be re audit Max of 3 bundles and will be Responsible to take a decision.
  • If Instructor will be Satisfied with Quality of Audit bundle He have a authority to change card YELLOW TO GREEN.
  • If not OK he should change card YELLOW TO RED and inform to His superior (Quality Head / Quality Manager/Production Manager) for further action.
  • Quality Head/Quality Manager / Production Manager must review the process and take corrective action to overcome issue.
  • If cannot fix the issue within a Max of 30 minute's they will be responsible to take advice from their superior ( Head of Production -)
  • After proper review and action if quality OK card will be change to RED TO YELLOW.
  • Instructor will be responsible to re audit at least one bundle after the 15 minutes from YELLOW Card.
  • If Quality got improved with acceptable quality level Instructor will change chard YELLOW TO


  • Visually Controlled systems
  • Help in improve the Discipline of workers

Kanban System

Perform By: Sewing Quality QI / Sewing Supervisor
Report to: Sewing Quality Instructor / Line Head


  • Checker will identify the Operation having a Quality issue's
  • Put the Red tag of corresponding operation/Machine no's as per the list
  • Dispatch the bundle with Red tag for Alter repair
  • Supervisor will be responsible to hand over the bundle to operator.
  • After rectify the alter supervisor will be responsible to hand over bundle to QC for further check and confirm
  • Section quality checker will be responsible to prepare and submit section major issue's to quality Instructor.


  • Visually Controlled systems
  • elp in improve the Discipline of workers

More About Standard Operation Procedure For Sewing Quality System

DEPT. STRUCTURE AND ATTENDENCE: Daily attendance details certified by Q.A In charge, must be available in each section for management information.

APPROVED TRIM CARD: This has to be approved by the Merchandiser and certified by Q.A. Manager prior to handing over to Factory. All sections have to follow this for fabric and all trims to be used for particular style.

SEWING LINE SAMPLE MAKING: (PREPARING): As per the red tag or approval sample and construction details/comments, sewing line sample will be done by the production staff with the involvement of I.E dept. , Q.A dept. . Sewing line sample must have actual trims and fabric. If using available fabric and trims due to any reason, need to get approval from the Q.A. Manager. Approved trim card must be available at this stage. Sewing line Q.C. has to evaluate sewing line sample and submit to Q.A.M. to comment and corrective action to be taken at pre-production meeting. Have to use sample evaluation format

PRE PRODUCTION MEETING: (INTERNAL): P.P. Meeting (internal) has to be conducted prior to pilot cut with the involvement of all concerned dept. s in the manufacturing unit.
this sewing line sample evaluation, Q.A manager must have a complete report to discuss about the construction and other requirements up to the packing.
Merchandising dept. has to prepare a complete order file inclusive of buyer’s latest information and details and comments, Fabric and trim status with inventory report. Finally all dept. s have to come to a conclusion and be agreed to proceed with the bulk production in the appropriate method

SEWING LINE FEEDING: When the technician feeding the sewing line , work study officer sewing line in charge, sewing line supervisor, sewing line Q.C has to get involved in this activity. Each person has to agree upon acceptance of each operation prior to proceed to next operation. Sewing line supervisor, sewing line Q.C. W/officer has to maintain sewing line feeding report and sign for the acceptance. Have to submit this report to Q.A manager and I.E. manager upon completion of sewing line feeding.

MOCKUP PREPARATION FOR CRITICAL OPERATION:Necessary mockups have to be prepared by the technical dept. with the involvement of quality and I.E. dept. . These mockups have to be approved by the Q.A manager to introduce to the sewing line .(Mockups and the instruction sheet have to be hung at the m/c )
Sketches pertaining to critical operation’s can be clearly given to the operator as a work aid and educate them for the particular operation.

M/C CHECK LIST: Sewing line Q.C along with the mechanic has to check each and every m/c after feeding any operation and certify all in order. The same format has to be used twice a day (morning and afternoon) for m/c checking in sewing line .

PILOT/TRIAL RUN : The sewing line production staff, sewing line Q.C, Work study officer have to follow up this activity in complete process. Sewing line Q.C has to evaluate first 50pcs for construction and measurement. Have to submit Pilot/trial run inspection report to the Q.A Manager and take corrective actions if any.

Q/C, Q/I INSTRUCTIONS:Q/A dept. have to provide complete instructions about the style/garments s running in sewing line , Clock wise/sequence checking of garments , about ZONES of the garments to consider defects to be analyzed and clear instructions to be given to Q.C’s and Q.I.’s
Q/C and Q/I should be instructed clearly about measuring points as per the particular buyers’ measurement guide

CRITICAL OPERATION IDENTIFICATION: Critical operation has to be identified at the sample development stage and necessary mockups to be prepared by I.E., Technical, Production and quality dept. s.

MARKING BOARD APPROVAL: Marking boards and finish patterns to be given to sewing line by Technical dept. or I.E. with the approval of Q.A.M. or assigned Q.A. Executive have to certify by them before issuing to sewing line .

INSEWING LINE 7/0 QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM: In sewing line Q.C. has to audit 7 pcs in each operation depends on no. of operations consist of. Can sort out 7 pcs randomly in one bundle completed. If find 1 defect out of that bundle, operator has to be verbally warned. If find a defect in the other hour have to warn him or her for the first time with yellow card hanging on m/c . Sewing line supervisor has to check that particular bundle 100%,If find another defect or more in a bundle and correct all. If Q.C. still find defects then the operator should be given RED card and immediately have to take corrective action. Q.C. has to inform Q.A. manager to take immediate action whether to stop m/c till correction is being done. Have to inform Production Manager too. A register to be maintained to record each operators findings and warnings with attaching perforated part of warning tag. (Yellow or Red tag)

BUNDLE TRACKING SYSTEM: Bundle chart have to be followed by Production sewing line and

Q.I has to maintain bundles according to Bundle Chart at Intermediate inspections.

GARMENTS MEASURING: Sewing line Q.C. must measure in sewing process and any discrepancy beyond tolerance has to inform Q.A. Manager and P.M. to take immediate corrective action. Q.C. has to measure twice a day, each time 3 pcs in one size for each style.Q.C. must be provided with “How to measure guide”

INSEWING LINE /INTERMEDIATE / END SEWING LINE QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM: Q.I has to maintain hourly quality report with clearly mentioning defect and quantity. This report has to hourly sign by Sewing line in charge, Supervisor and sewing line Q.C. If defect percentage exceed beyond 3% in sewing line and end sewing line , Sewing line Q.C.have to inform Q.A.M. and P.M. for corrective action.

RETURNING AND RECEIVING ALTERATION: Each sewing line Q.C have to maintain hourly alteration record and make sure all the alteration done in hourly basis and returning to end table. Sewing line Q.C. sewing line in charge and supervisor have to sign and assure all the alternations in a particular hour will be repaired in the same hour. Can use above format to monitor this activity.

END TABLE (Final) CHECKING.. End table Q.I.’s to check each garments 100% for it’s
Construction, instructed by Sewing line Q.C. All defects found to be recorded by Q.I.’s in hourly
report and garments s returning to sewing line for re-work also to be recorded. Sewing line in-charge,

Sewing line supervisor, Sewing line Q.C. have to sign each our to assure awareness and control at this point. Identityfication number for each Q.I. should be assigned and this should be marked or put in a sticker in a hidden place of garments to find the Q.I. who has checked each garments .


Fusing formula to be displayed at the m/c for operators reference.. Also
Approved standard certified by Q.C in charge to be kept at the m/c .  have to maintain temperature, pressure and the speed requirement as per the sample is done.
Fusing bonding must be acceptable and should not be delaminated, bubbled after fusing.
Color variation due to over heat etc. will not be accepted and have to maintain correct temperature. Thermo sensitive test strips to be used to maintain correct temperature and must be recorded.
Strip must be placed 1 Left side, 1 Right side, 1 at center. This test to be done at least 3times per Day.
Cutting Q.C has to maintain report for this activity and submit to Q.A Manager on daily

END SEWING LINE DEFECT/REJECT – DAILY AND MONTHLY ANALYSIS REPORT: Sewing line Q.C In charge has to prepare this analysis report and submit to Q.A. Manager for management review.

END SEWING LINE / FINISHING A.Q.L. AUDITS: This audit has to be conducted after End table Out Put and at Finishing for finished Garments s. Audit has to be done once in two hours with accumulated quantity for said period for A.Q.L. 1.5. In case of any lot fails, have to keep that lot separately for re-checking and auditor can proceed with next two hour lot, but should not mix up with failed lot under any circumstances. Suggest keeping even PASSED lots separately.

DAILY/MONTHLY SUMMARY of A.Q.L. AUDITS AT END TABEL and at FINISHING. This report to be prepared by A.Q.L. Auditors at Out put audits and Finishing audits. Have to submit to Q.A.M. daily and Monthly.

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