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Importants Comments of Bottom Garments

Importants Comments of bottom Garments
Comments of bottom Garments

1. Incomplte stitch at fly area. s/b rectify & put bk stitch properly

2. Roping & twisting at bk rise. s/b control & remove roping & twisting

3. Placement off & hi low & waist band hole.

4. Untrimimng thread & loose thread at inside garments pls trimming properly remove loose & uncut thread

5. Too much puckering at front rise waist band joint

6. Facing loose at front pkt area.

7. Raw edge shows at front pkt area.

8. hole thread s/b match as approval trim card

9. m/ment deviation s/b rectify before test cutting.

10. Front fly shape slanted s/b follow as approval sample & sketch.

11. Fabric loose at waist band joint area.

12. Front fly bar tack s/b bigger then sample follow picture

13. Wash shade found lighter then as approved sample

14. Fabric hole at bk yoke crinkle

15. Fly width uneven & odd shape.

16. Uneven twin needle stitch at bk rise area.

17. ½ hip shape too much too much curved.

18. Thread s/b used to bk yoke crinkle area plastic pin not allowed.

19. Stud button & rivet attached s/b securely.

20. Pre wash sample s/b submit to us . Bulk wash not allowed w/out pre wash approval.

21. Fabric lay carefully avoid twisting. Pattern s/b adjust b4 bulk cutting.

22. Hand blasting effect at fort bk less then as approved sample.

23. Stone & rivet easily fall off.

24. There is m/ment deviation from size chart make sure adjust accordingly follow size chart .more carefully for bulk

25. Use s/b thread instead of plastic pin

26. Wash too much stiff

27. Front rise still slanted not rectify as buyer comments.

28. bk yoke shape not correct still slanted need more curved

29. Thread count thickness is not as approved.

30. bk yoke shape straight s/b follow as buyer comments

31. Front pkt facing area shows pleat s/b keep clean flat

32. Some m/ment out of space will rectify the pattern before starting bulk cutting

33. Twisted puckering shows upper body + nk opening area

32. CF is hiking up it s/b label from floor.

33. Missing pkt working man ship as sketch.

34. Missing label patch as instruction.

35. Puckering shows at nk armhole & all double stitch area.

36. Bk moon shape is not correct as per sketch

37. Body lining s/b 1 cm bigger then sell body.

38. Cb bk hood shape is too much curved pls reduce the curved to easy fit.

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