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What’s are the Social Accountability Requirements in Garments

Social Accountability Requirements in Garments

1. Child Labor: - Any worker below 14 years of age, must not be engaged. If there is any one, must be sent to school organized by BGMEA

To ascertain age, an age certificate issued by any qualified and registered Physician must be Produced while employing such labor. Once produced, must be retained in his/ her personal file.

2. Forced Labor: - Factory must not engage and support forced labor. Factory or any body involved with appointment of such labor, must not ask /influence / force any worker to deposit money or bribe some one for employment.

3. Health & safety: - The Factory shall appoint a senior management representative responsible for Health and safety of all workers. He remains accountable for the implementation of the Health and safety measures.

Factory shall provide to all workers clean bathroom, potable water & sanitary facilities for food storage. Water test certificate must be obtained & kept in fac.

The Factory shall ensure regular Health & safety Training. First Aid facilities. These training must be recorded properly.

Factory shall take adequate steps to prevent accidents in the workplace and must try to keep accident hazards to minimum. Ventilation of workplace is a must.

4. Collective Bargaining :- Factory must ensure that workers can easily take their grivances to the knowledge of Management and Management ensure a satisfactory solution.

Factory may form a body consists of workers representative who will keep in touch with Management about the grivanes of workers.

Members of such body must not be subject to any discrimination. Such members should have access to workers in the workplace.

5. Disciplinary Practices :- The Factory shall not engage in or support the use of physical punishment, mental punishment & verbal abuse.

6. Working hours :- 48 hrs in a week. 01 day off in a week. 12 hrs over time in a week. However, for short term business such as urgent shipments, over time may be more than 12 hrs.

7. Compensation :- Minimum Tk. 930/- Pm. Pay stip must have correct break up of wages & salary. Proper document must be kept. Worker must know about his wages during appointment.

For disciplinary purposes, deduction of salary is not allowed.

Wages and benefits are to be detailed clearly and regularly. Wages and benefits rendered are to be as per law. False apprenticeship must not be practised.

8. Management system ( SA 8000 Requirements ) :-

a) Commitment to continual improvement.

b) Effectively documentated, implemented, maintained, Communicated and accessible to all workers, Directors, executives, supervises.

c) The company shall appoint a senior management representative who in addition to his other responsibilities shall ensure that the SA 8000 requirements are met.

d) The company shall provide non-management personnel to choose a representative from among the workers who will keep communication with management on matters related to this standard.

9. Any interested Party ( NGOS, BGMEA, ILO, Human Rights Groups, Govt. officials) must be allowed to have information on demand on SA 8000 implementation.

The most important 3 areas going to be verified imm by social Auditors are :-

a) Working hour.

b) Wages and salary.

c) Health & safety. 

Social Accountability Requirements in Garments

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