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Documents Preparation for Readymade Garments Buyer

Readymade Garments Buyer

General Documents Readymade Garments Buyer

There are some documents should make ready for Readymade Garments Buyer for audit purpose like All License…….ok or not. All Buyer File………ok or not. Security Policy….ok or not. Sub Supplier Technical Audit Report….Need to be made in every 4 months. Daily Temperature check record………….Daily. Internal Technical audit………. Need to be made in every 4 months. Health checkup…….. Need to be made in every 4 months.Bolt Certificate………… Need to be made in every year. Application for accident…….If it is occurred then must send within 48 hours. etc.

  1. Wastage Disposal Record…… Need to be made in every 15 days.
  2. Machine List……Need to update time to time.
  3. Sub Supplier Audit Report for Social Compliance……. Need to be made in every 4 months.
  4. Factory Profile…..ok
  5. Metal Contaminate Garments Disposal Record……. Need to be made in every 4 months.
  6. Lighting Check Report……. Need to be made in every  month
  7. Group Insurance List……. Need to be made in every 02 months
  8. Internal fire safety Audit……. Need to be made in every  month
  9. Reject Accessories Disposal……. Need to be made in every 6 months
  10. Fire safety Training Module…….ok
  11. Audit  Schedule…….ok
  12. Health & safety Manual…..ok
  13. Calibration Certificate…….ok
  14. Injury root cause………ok
  15. Maternity Risk Analysis….. Need to be made in every month
  16. Investigation Record……ok
  17. Risk Analysis…… Need to be made in every  month
  18. Internal social compliance Audit report………… Need to be made in every month.
  19. Certificates from buyer like H&M, Tesco, Li and Fung 

Building Related Documents Readymade Garments Buyer

1.      Building Plan…..ok
2.      Layout Plan….ok
3.      Structural Design….ok
4.      Soil Test Report…..ok
5.      Application for Occupancy Certificate….ok
6.      Construction Certificate from engineer……ok
7.      Construction certificate from local authority……ok
8.      Application for building approval from Razuk……ok
9.      Application the BGMEA consider for fire requirement….ok

Fire Safety Readymade Garments Buyer

1.      Fire Drill….. Need to be made in every month.
2.      Fire Training (Internal)….. Need to be made in every month.
3.      Fire Fighter List with guide book….ok
4.      Fire Training Certificate by Bangladesh Fire Service & civil defense with Application…..ok
5.      Daily Fire Reserve water tank checking record…ok
6.      Smoke detector, Fire alarm, Emergency Light & Exit Light check record….ok
7.      Fire Extinguisher inspection check record….ok
8.      Daily Fire training record for new workers…..ok

Standard Operating Procedure for Production Document Control


4.1 Fabric relaxation record

4.2 Marker and Spreading Checking Report

4.3 Daily Cut panels and Bundling Checking Report

4.4 Part Replacement

4.5 Fusing Machine Temperature and Pressure Changing Report
4.6 Fusing Machine Clean Repor


5.1 Random No Table

5.2 Random Inspection Record

5.3 List of Unclear  Operators

5.4 Bundle Control sheet

5.5 Sewing Quality Inspection
5.6 Measurement Chart Fit Audit

5.7 O Q L Summary

5.8 Sewing Cross Audit Report

5.9 Weekly Root Cause Analysis Chart

5.10 Sewing QC Operator Counseling Report


6.1 Washing ,Shade, and Hand Fill Checking Report


7.1 Finishing Quality Inspection Report
7.2 Style/Line QL Summary

7.3 Hourly Final Audits Report

7.4 Measurement Chart fit Audit


7.5 Inline/Final Inspection Report

7.6 Measurement Chart fit Audit

7.7 Internal Auditor Report

7.8 Weekly Root Cause Analysis Chart

7.9 Finishing QC, Iron man and Folding Man  Counseling Report

8.1 Daily Summary of Finishing Row Wise External Audit Report File
8.2 Daily External Cross Audit Report

Standard Operating Procedure for Samples and Files keeping and Disposal

Objective:This procedure is to ensure that samples, pattern and files will be kept in proper and accessible place. Will be disposed in exact time and

Responsibilities and authorities:Concerned merchandiser for keeping the sample and files.

  • Merchandisers , pattern masters, cutting man for keeping the hard patterns
  • Merchandisers and pattern masters for keeping the soft copy of patterns
Procedure for keeping the samples & files:

1/ In merchandising section, cabinet / cupboards has been divided separately for  for files and samples.
 keeping the samples & files
2/ Merchandising section have been divided into teams, so both sides of the department have cabinets for each team so that it can be accessible anytime.
File cabinet  fro merchandising section1
3/ Development / new samples keep in separate rack.
4/ File organizing will be as follows:

a/ Each style will have one master file including tech pack, trims, fabric consumption / markers, fabric and garment test reports and all important mails  pertaining to the styles  like approvals, changes or any issues regardless if its from buyer, hk office or even internal communications.
b/ There will be a separate file for trims since this  is big area. From trim chart of each orders (retail and catalog), inventory reports and bulk trims shipment invoices / packing list for imported items.
c/ Separate file also has been maintained for local trims. It includes ordering sheet of hanger, carton, poly bag, thread and monitoring file.
d/ Files will be kept buyer / account wise in each filling cabinet. There is cabinet allocated for currently running styles. It should be kept together.
Previous styles will be placed in separate rack.
Files will be kept buyer

5/ Sample keeping / organizing
            a/ New and running styles red tag samples has to be hanged together 
            b/ Old styles red tag samples folded and kept separately.
c/ Two years old samples will be kept inside the box and will be labeled “ red tag samples  for particular season. 

Procedure for disposing the samples & files

1/ Files are being kept in merchandising section for 2 years
2/ Soft copy are being maintained and emails is stored in MIS section.
 3/ Files as well as the filling folder will be re-used in new upcoming style.
4/ Red tag / size set samples are being kept for 2 seasons at least in cupboard.
5/ After 2 season, these samples will be folded and keep inside carton then pile in merchandising stock room. Carton will be marked with style numbers and season.
6/ Once stock room is filled, will select those cartons as per the date / season, cut the samples into pieces then send for disposal. Trims like hangtags and labels attached on the samples has be removed before final disposal.
7/ All rejected garments will be reviewed and checked if repairable or any
alteration can be done to reduce the rejection.
Rejected garments will be transferred to stores with proper record and will be
cut into pieces for final disposal.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman
Email: garmentspedia@gmail.com

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