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Document List For Audit By Li And Fung Hong Kong Buyer

Audit By Li And Fung Hong Kong Buyer

Audit By Li And Fung Hong Kong Buyer

The flowing Licenses are require to face li and fung hong kong buyer audit -Trade License, Factory License, Fire License, Group Insurance, Building Approval Plan, Building Layout Plan, Boiler Certificate, Generator Permission, BGMEA/BKMEA Membership, IRC/ERC, Bond license, Drinking water test report and Copy of policies (such as, child labor, adolescent labor, force labor, harassment & abuse. To know more about audit by the buyer of Li And Fung Hong Kong

Labor Parts:
·         Last 3 month payroll copy from different section (at least 10 pages)
·         Last 3 month job cards copy from different section ( at least 25 copy)
·         policy, disciplinary policy, overtime policy, etc.)
·         Copy of Maternity register including latest 1 file.
·         Leave register
·         1 personnel file copy
·         Disciplinary Action log book
·         Injury register
·         WPF & WWF documents
·         WPC documents

Health & Safety Parts:
·         Fire Drill Register
·         Fire Equipment list
·         Machine list
·         Fire Fighter list
·         EHS committee list
·         Emergency Response policy & team

Environment Parts:
·         Environmental Clearance
·         EIA Report (first 2/3 page)
·         Air emission test report
·         Noise level test report
·         Temperature level test
·         Audiometric test report
·         Waste water test report

C-TPAT Parts:
·         Policies (such as Entrance policy, background policy, police verification report, Seal & Broken seal policy, tracking policy, loading & unloading policy etc.)
·         Visitors’ register copy
·         Vehicle In-out register copy
·         Shipment In-out Register Copy
·         Copy of Seal Control Register
·         Copy of Security Duty Roster to face audit by li and fung hong kong buyer

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