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What’s are the Emergency Social Services for Garment Factory?

Emergency Social Services for Garment Factory

Emergency Social Services

The emergency social services for the factory is listed here. The emergency clothing factory should maintain it. 8Replaced First Aid Box From Pathway To Another For Better Evacuation

Works Done For Emergency Clothing Factory

  • Collected Physically Challenged Peoples Address
  • Fire Safety And Evacuation(shortly) Policy
  • Fire Risk Area Selection
  • Tin Shed: One Door Permanently Open
  • Evacuation Training To EHS Members
  • Made A Receipt For Managers For Rectifying Safety Issues In Time
  • Notification In Lift Area of emergency clothing factory
  • High Impact Training For Evacuation  And Building Safety
  • Removed Pants(Running Style) From hanging Beside The Tube Light
  • Regular Meeting With Team Members And Reporting
  • Improving Training Materials
  • Improving Health and Safety Policy 

Social Policy

Auto Knittings Ltd is committed to make improvement of work place environment as well as to provide legal and standard benefit to its employees. It engages its continuous effort to ensure safe and healthy working environment in the facility. We highly recognize our  Emergency Social Services and responsibility and accountability. We are strongly committed to comply with all applicable local law as well as standard set out by different international organization such as WTO, ILO Etc.. We have adopted all labor code of conduct, Safe and health workplace environment including all WRAP principle. We are very much concern about environment. We take every correcting measure to guard environmental hazard. All corrective measures are taken to ensure security in every aspect. We believe in better productivity in better environment. We ensure the practice of every principle, code of conduct in our facility through regular communication and training to our facility through regular communication dn. training to our management and workers. Workers awareness and training sessions are frequently arranged for education regarding discipline and safety policy. All activities are recorded and documented for review and further improvement.

Works To Do For Emergency Clothing Factory

  • Evacuation Instruction For Everyone
  • Board: Mr. Sultan, CSO
  • Central Fire Alarm Switch
  • Packing Area Door Replace
  • Connect Pa System With IPS
  • Admin And PA ‘S Training
  • Tin Shed: Chain & Electric Line
  • Assure Incentives For Managers
  • Electric Line Inside The Conference Room
  • Fire: Pipe Length, Number, And For Which Area
  • Dong Bell Rope
  • Labeling all locked door: what inside ?
  • Loose wire have to be covered to reduce the risk of emergency clothing factory for  Emergency Social Services

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