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What is Anti Harassment Policy Workplace?

What is Anti Harassment Policy Workplace

Anti Harassment

Anti harassment policy workplace is applicable for every employee of Auto Group, workers as well as staff irrespective to rank of designation and senior or junior. Objective of this policy is to protect the people working in the company fallen victim to any kind of harassment. Every company needs to have very clear anti harassment policy on what it would describe or define as harassment and how preventive action can be taken in the company; so that, harassment does not take place and how remedial or corrective actions can be taken in case harassment has taken place. Read All Compliance Article in Bangla ...

Anti Harassment Policy

Auto  Fashions Ltd. ensures that no employee shall be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.Harassment is to be defined as, any kind of behavior being done by one colleague towards another which is obstructing the person from carrying out his/ her duties or responsibilities properly, dutifully; and any kind of activity which is causing psychological or mental pressure or making the person feel threaten physically or in any other way.  The company will have a very strong view against of any kind of harassment. Company would like to especially articulate policies on:

Sexual Harassment:

Auto  Fashions Ltd. management trains supervisors and production employees upon hiring and on ongoing basis.
  • Auto  Fashions Ltd. has established an upstream communication system 'Suggestion Box' and display answers in the "Notice Board" of the complains and suggestions, raised by the workers.  This encompasses any colleague making any sort of sexual advances toward another colleague within or outside of the company.
  • Someone holding a senior position trying to take advantage of his/ her seniority to try and force some other colleague, who may be junior to him/ herself to indulge in any kind of sexual activity with him/ her.
  • Sharing obscene/ pornographic material with colleague/s through use of printed material, mobile phone or any other electronic devices.
  • Any person who is responsible for evaluation or appraisal of someone junior trying to use the position to restrict someone’s carrier growth if the person not willing to provide some kind of sexual favor to that person.
  • Sexual harassment can be taken place by male to female as well as female to male and can also be from junior to senior and vice versa.
  • This also includes, trying to blackmail another colleague whether junior or senior in to giving some sort of sexual favor with the threat of disclosure of some kind of information which might be sensitive for the person being blackmailed.


Physical Harassment:

Every complaint will be properly investigated by HR, Welfare and Compliance Departments with the help of production and the management of the other relevant departments.
  • Auto  Fashions Ltd. management encourage employees to report instances of harassment or abuse without fear retribution, through effective communication of the policies and timely resolution of matters reported. Physical harassment will be defined as any situation where a person being physically threatened with any kind of physical injury by another colleague.
  • Actually inflicting any kind of injury upon another colleague.
  • Actually striking or pushing or making any kind of forceful impact with any part of his/ her body on to the other person.
  • Physically touching or pushing or hitting or striking someone with aggression.

Mental Psychological Harassment:

Based upon the investigation result anyone found guilty will be penalized by the company according to the code of penalty where different levels of offense would be requiring different kinds of penal action.
  • Includes any physical contact with the intent to injure or intimidate and disciplinary measures that cause physical discomfort. This would include things like not providing leave to someone who is sick and in genuine requirement of leave.
  • Somebody who requires leave for some family emergency and not being granted for leave.
  • When a colleague, senior or junior blackmailing or threatening any other colleague with exposure of mistake, that other colleague may have committed unwillingly or unknowingly.
  • It also encompasses pressurizing someone in to doing work beyond his/ her optimal capacity or beyond normal work hours without giving adequate compensation of any kind.
  • Continuously badgering someone specially, by senior colleague to junior colleague or supervisor to subordinate about quality of work and other aspects.
  • Personal insult related to race, religion, origin, family background, parents and color.
  • Tones and teasing for any kind of physical disability.
  • Giving some kind of motivational incentive for some work by a superior and then delaying on implementation of that commitment on completion of the task.
  • Unnecessarily publicity or exposure of some fault, committed by a person among people who do not need to have that knowledge.
  • Destructive criticism and gossip about a person in the persons’ absence.

Procedures of Anti Harassment Policy:

Someone can complaint through SMS, phone call, use anonymous letter or can come in person and meet. Any mid or junior management person gets to know about any sort of complaint or issue needs to escalade or inform to HR Department. HR Department will provide form and do investigation and fill up the investigation result in to the incident form. Based on the incident form the testimonies of the accused and the accuser and relevant witnesses and concerned relevant head’s decision will be taken.

Responsible Parties:

If any individuals finds him/ herself being subjective to any of the above harassments then he/ she would have the right to initially to raise a complaint to his/ her immediate line chief or supervisor or reporting boss. But if the complaint is against the immediate supervisor then in that case the issue can be raised to the concerned relevant department head and also can be parallely informed to the HR and welfare in official means or through the anonymous complaint letter in the letter box.
  • Unwelcome sexual advances, request of sexual favors and all other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. All people in the company are responsible to behave properly.
  • Welfare is responsible for taking note of violations and informing HR
  • Admin and Operations is responsible for conducting investigation
  • HR is responsible for giving judgment 


The policies are communicated through meetings and emails and notifications
The anti harassment policy book will be given to all department heads. Humiliating or intimidating verbal or non-verbal behavior including throwing of objects. Welfare would make sure that everybody is properly behaving in the factory floor. Every person of the company and all department heads are responsible for maintain their own code of conduct and not inflicting any kind of harassment on anyone else.
  • Chronic use of implied or direct Threats. Welfare would be responsible to find out information on harassment and passing it on.
  • Admin, Welfare Officer and HR Departments would collect information from the floor and provide information to the apex management and specially to the HR Director and when information coming from one channel but not from other channels then they will be questioned why they were not able to know about the event and how only one channel was able to get the information
  • Compliance Department will verify and check that all complaints that are coming are properly solved at the end of certain period.
  • HR Department will maintain a log of all incidents that take place in each of the locations and also put a copy of the incident report into the personal file of the concerned people.
  • Chronic shouting or use of insulting or offensive language. There will be no exception of this anti harassment policy 

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