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What is The Local Community Emergency Policy

The Local Community Emergency Policy

Local Community

The local community is applicable for the people who have workplaces or residences around the Auto Group offices and/or factories. The objective of having this Emergency Policy is to make sure, the Group conducts its businesses in a socially responsible manner which does not cause harm or inconvenience to other people in the vicinity. Every organization is part of a society where they need to work or operate side by side with its surroundings. From that perspective, how to cope with the surrounding people and the businesses there need to have a clear guideline in order to deal with any sort of emergencies, grievances form the local community; that’s why the local community was established. We have written it in Bangla 

The Local Community Policies:

  • Auto group will maintain agreement (oral or in writing) with other companies that they share building space with that:
  • They would not encroach on each other’s parking spaces and we would instruct the drivers and all staff about the matter. That we should jointly also tell the guards to ask the visitors which company they are visiting and accordingly guide them to the correct slots.
  • That they will inform each other and cordially solve matters if ever there is any conflict or misunderstanding between staff of the companies and that the problem will be notified to the HR Head of each units to solve through arbitration
  • That Auto and its neighbor companies will not actively take people from the other company, but if someone can come up showing an accepted resignation letter or a clearance letter, only then it would be permissible to take the person as that person would have already departed or would have been on the way to departing at the time of application.
  • That Auto will inform the management of the neighboring companies that if they have any problems, even related to building usage or sharing of common facilities or if there is something being done which is causing inconvenience, that they can inform the Head of HR of Auto.
  • That Auto will notify its neighboring companies and take their permission before conducting any construction related work that may cause noise from its neighboring companies, if the work is to be done during working hours.
  • That Auto will be ready to provide assistance to its neighboring companies if they require any medical support, any emergency communication or vehicular support in case of any medical emergency and will also provide support by providing any kinds of equipment or safety machinery that it may have, which the neighboring company may not have, and which they may be in need of, during an emergency.
  • That Auto will notify all neighboring companies of any safety drills or precautions that they are taking, so that others can also be encouraged to participate. This includes doing fire drills etc.
  • Auto will also exchange emergency information with neighboring companies so that management of one company can notify others who can help the other company in case the other company falls into any problem and are unable to send notification for help or assistance.
  • Auto will develop a social communication with offices and residences on all sides of their building, and will create opportunity for social exchange with them through which it would be possible to know of their feedback regarding Auto and its staff.
  • Auto will keep contact numbers and mail addresses of fire service department, the nearest police station, nearby hospitals etc, and will share this information with neighboring companies and will share the information with them and will also notify the relevant agency in case the neighboring company falls into some kind of crisis.
  • That Auto will inform all neighbors and the local community before conducting a fire drill or any special activity which may require all the workers to gather outside the premises
  • That Auto will notify all emergency services of such activities before they are done, so that needless panic is not created.
  • That Auto will not get into any kind of production which will cause damage to the environment, unless they have also required mechanisms for purifying or treating or safely disposing any waste that may have been generated.
  • That Auto will always provide environmental reports to anyone who may belong the local community and who may be wanting to know about these matters

Regulations & Procedures:

  • Auto will hold meetings with its neighboring companies
  • That the phone number of the head of administration for each location will be shared with neighbors
  • That complain registers will be maintained to document any complain that comes in
  • That Auto will notify people of surrounding area by use of microphone to announce any activity
  • That Auto will advertise its emergency contact number outside the building

Responsible Parties:

  • Head of HR will be responsible for meeting neighboring companies and entering into mutual agreements with them
  • That Head of Operations or Admin of each location will implement all the local community policies.
  • That all employees of Auto will comply with these regulations.

Communication & implementation:

Responsible people will maintain written records of the implementation of their responsibilities and will communicate that to the board in writing at periodic intervals through regular activity reports.

Emergency Preparedness & Response For The Local Communities  Emergency Policy- Example 2

Applicable for:

This  Emergency Policy is applicable for the people and society surrounding the production facilities of Auto Group which are located at the various places.


A company specially a factory could face various kinds of emergencies which affect the neighborhood and the local community as well. So the company needs to take responsibility for this and ensure that the effects are all contained and controlled.


To ensure that effects of any unwanted occurrences in the factories/ offices do not affect the local community and to prepare them to face emergencies that could arise due to some occurrences in the factory.


  • That the company will not deal with any toxic substances or materials that could be hazardous for health, unless it is ensured that it is done under highly controlled methods
  • That the company will always try to make sure that, all protests or display of non-cooperative behavior of workers remain within the premises of the factories and that it does not end up affecting the neighborhood
  • Company will identify the very unlikely but yet remotely possible ways by which dangers can be created for the local community and will arrange trainings and discussions with the community on how to tackle the situations if any emergency arises
  • Company will maintain regular liaison with the Police, RAB, Fire Brigade, Hospitals, Dispensaries and other law enforcement and security agencies as well as political and local government offices to get their immediate support and backups wherever and whenever needed, to contain the impact of any untoward or hazardous incident

Regulations & Procedures:

  • Company will identify alternatives to hazardous substances and will switch to that
  • Company will identify hazardous processes which will be modified
  • Company will ensure wearing of the proper protective by workers and will ensure chemicals and other such substances are stored in a safe place and will ensure the locations where these are used are specially constructed in a way that people working there are protected and that the environment is also not effected
  • Company will have very good intelligence networks which can predict the formation of any conspiracies or plans for disruptive activities and will also maintain very capable and functional grievance redressal mechanism and a welfare committee, so that problems can be identified and solved at their nascent stages and it does not grow out of proportion
  • Company will invite management of nearly factories, and residents of nearly homes, government officials and law enforcement officers of the locality as well as owners and staff of nearly shops and other commercial establishments. The company will discuss with them what possible dangers could arise and will coach them on what to do to protect themselves and what they can do to help to contain the matter. Suggestions will also be taken from them on how to handle or try to reduce the chances of such occurrences
  • Outputs and decisions of above meetings will be circulated in print across the locality
  • Company will maintain a very good system of surveillance of hazardous areas through CC TV cameras; so that a problem can be identified and addressed as soon as it arises
  • The Admin and Operations departments of each unit (office or factory) will maintain regular communication over phone, mail or in person with local authorities, and will allow them opportunity for some occasional inspections if relevant


Responsible Parties:

  • Admin, Operation, Welfare, Compliance Department will be responsible for implementing this policy
  • Communication & Implementation:
  • Policy will be communicated through mail notifications to all and subsequent explanation by department heads to team members
  • Also will be explained by HR and Welfare team members
  • Policy book will be provided to all department heads for reference
  • Decisions taken from the meetings will be circulated to the nearby community 



There will be no exception of this  Emergency Policy

Feedback & Control:

Admin and Operations Departments will generate reports on such occurrences. Welfare Department will generate reports on training programs on such matter. EHS officers will identify the hazardous processes that might need to go through up-gradation



That regular meetings and informal contact and surveys will be done among neighbors to assess if they have any complains which did not reach the management yet, and to see how they perceive the responsible people and the way in which they are carrying out their responsibility. There will be no exception of the local community

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