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What is Community Health and Safety Policy?

Community Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy 

To ensure Health and Safety Policy that everyone in the company, from its owners to all staff and workers
, understand that they must operate in a way that does not affect the health and safety of the people living and working around them. All the business organizations and the production facilities are part of our community and in order to operate smoothly they require taking various resources from that. The local community as whole comprises of lots of things rather than only the human beings. As we are taking resources from the community and in the same manner it is also our duty and responsibility to provide them something in return. Keeping these things in mind this policy was formulated. Reade in Bangla Version 


The authority of Auto Group declares that it will ensure a healthy and safe work environment in all areas of the factory. Management also declares that all-personal protective equipment, where necessary, shall be provided at free of cost. Management appoints a senior management representative who is responsible for ensuring fulfillment of H & S requirements in every department/ area and for assessing need to improve further on this issue. Senior management representative will make an action plan to fulfill the requirements of health and safety facilities of Auto Group.

Health and Safety Policy Checklist:

  • That the company will not engage in production of any product that is harmful for the environment
  • That the company will ensure that it treats all substances that may be produced as a by-product of their production related activities
  • That the company will maintain all government rules to ensure safety of its own building and premises so that it does not cause a problem for others
  • That the company will try to contribute to the betterment of health in general of its workers and society in general through social and humanitarian activities

Regulations & Procedures:

  • The company ensures that it is involved only in the production of readymade garments which does not require the use of any chemicals or does not produce any hazardous materials as a by-product
  • The company ensures that even in its washing plant, it uses only chemicals and substances which are approved by health and safety policy officials and by the compliance teams of the buyers
  • That all substances used are accompanied with material safety data sheets which help to educate the users about these chemicals and how they have to be used safely
  • That all those involved in the use of chemicals are provided with proper safety equipment and it is ensured that they wear them properly during work
  • That the company ensures regular health and safety policy checks of workers working with such chemicals
  • That the company has wastage treatment plant set up which are also kept under strong monitoring
  • That the company will not build buildings that are unsafe or which do not comply with safety regulations
  • That the company ensures free basic treatment for its workers
  • That the company provides some free treatment for underprivileged people in the area where they operate

Other Advantages:

Auto Fashion Ltd. believes that a good environmental, health and safety management is a necessity of conducting business as it provides favorable conditions for all to work.
  • The employee gets a healthy and clean work environment with basic health care facilities.
  • Proper cleaning methods and housekeeping are applied to all areas of workplace including toilets and dining place and proper ventilation is provided.
  • The worker has a workplace where safety is vital in equipment, training,and management and work practices. An adequate fire safety system is in place and a proper E.H. & S body manages the overall E.H. & S. system.
  • Give due regards to the conservation of physical environment by giving high priority to minimize the impact of its activities.
  • Provide and ensure proper Personal Protection Equipment usage through training and supervision where appropriate.
  • Comply with local laws in business activities.
  • Establish procedures for assessing and reviewing the Environmental, Health and Safety impacts of its present and future activities on a regular basis.
  • Train and motivate the employees to fulfill responsibility at individual level related to Environment, Health and Safety issues and follow safe work practices in all activities.

Responsible Parties:

  • The board of directors are primarily responsible to set the policies and to oversee their implementation 
  • The Directors of Production and all the senior management of all production units are mainly responsible for ensuring the policies are abided by The Director of HR and Compliance is responsible for checks and follow ups

Communication & Implementation:

The policies are communicated by the owners of the company in regular meetings and through mail communication.The Director of HR and Compliance regularly communicates the need to abide by these policies through compliance update reports of each unit.

Health And Safety Policy Example – 2 



Applicable for:

All employees will be covered under this policy.


To make people understand how they will be able to maintain their health and safety policy while at work.


Every company has to ensure as far as practicable the health, safety and hygiene at work of all its employees and should be conducting its business in such a manner so that persons working in the organization are not exposed to any risks that may affect their health and safety policy. Therefore, a policy needs to be in place which will give the detail of how such healthy and safe work environment to be maintained.


  • Each level of management shall, so far as is reasonably practicable, provide and maintain:
  • Company equipment and systems of work that are safe & without risks to health;
  • Adequate arrangements for ensuring the absence of risk to health in the handling, storage and transport of articles and substances;
  • Sufficient information, instructions, training and supervision to ensure all employees avoid hazards and contribute positively to their health and safety policy at work;
  • A safe place of work without risk to health and means of access that are safe and without risks;
  • A working environment that is safe and without risks to health and safety policy which includes the fact that the management will ensure daily swiping of floors, monthly pest control, and regular change of water filters, insertion of filtration equipment at every wash basin and tap so that whatever water is used by staff in the office is free from 1st level harmful bacteria. In addition, the company will ensure cleaning of office premises, especially the kitchen and wash rooms minimum twice daily.
  • Adequate facilities and arrangements for the welfare of employees at work;
  • Handling of heavy and / or special equipment by authorized personnel only.
  • Cleaning of water tanks on a quarterly basis.
  • Painting of walls and stairwell area once a year, including of scrubbing and polishing of floor on a yearly basis.
  • All support staff will be evaluated for checking on how well they maintain these standards.
  • First Aid boxes are kept at various places to meet any emergency.
  • Fire extinguishers have to be positioned at easily accessible points in every Department, and there has to be smoke alarms on each floor. Extinguishers have to be replenished every 6 months.
  • Ensuring performance of fire drill twice a year
  • Installation and maintenance of high power water hose pipe.
  • Failure to comply with any health and safety policy requirements specified by the Company shall render employee(s) responsible and liable to suffer disciplinary action.

Fire Precautions

Employees must ensure that they are familiar with the position of the fire alarms, fire extinguishers and emergency exits. Details of location of fire alarms and extinguishers along with evacuation procedures shall be put up for display.

Bomb Threat or Unidentified Packages

Bomb threats should always be treated as genuine. Unidentified packages and parcels are obviously of prime suspicion but many objects could be easily disguised as bombs. Any such object found should be treated with suspicion and the appropriate security personnel informed immediately.

In the event of an evacuation of the building it is helpful at all times if the employees take all their personal possessions, handbags, etc. with them. This will enable the building to be searched more quickly in the event of a bomb alert.

Regulations & Procedures:

  • Compliance team will maintain checklist of the important health and safety policy related matters which to be taken care of after specific time duration.
  • HR department will develop description and identify the jobs related to health hazards and risks.
  • Based on the lists specific required safety equipment’s requisition will be placed by Compliance department.
  • Purchase department will ensure on time delivery of the equipment to the Compliance department and later those will be handed over to the Admin department for distribution among the employees working in hazardous and risky environment.
  • Employees should collect those equipment at the beginning of their work day and will return them to the Admin department at the end of their daily work.
  • Compliance department will conduct random check to ensure that people are properly using their safety equipment.
  • Besides the safety equipment welfare team will ensure sufficient supplies for the medical boxes and should place requisition when necessary.
  • Compliance team will also audit various places around the factory units to identify existence of any kind of risky work environment which might pose as a threat to the employees.
  • In case of any kind of unwanted accidents the medical team will provide the necessary preliminary supports to the victims. 
  • Maintain Health and Safety Jobs Responsibilities and procedures 

Responsible Parties:

The Head of HR Policies along with the people of Compliance department and the welfare department will be responsible for implementing the regulations and check the feedback.

Communication & implementation:

The policies are to be communicated to all levels of management through regular and repeated discussions during meetings and implemented and followed up on accordingly.

The policy is to be published in the policy book, so it will be visible to all the employees. A Bangla version of the policy will be provided to the junior factory level staff and workers.


Exceptions to this policy require endorsement by the Head of HR Policy.

Feedback & Control:

  • HR department will maintain list of the work designation which are related to health and safety policy hazards.
  • Compliance department will ensure supplies of proper safety equipment.
  • Welfare department will ensure supplies of generally required medicines and equipment.
  • Admin department will ensure that employees at floor level properly uses the safety equipment. 

Conclusion :

There will be no exception of this policy unless, switching to machineries and processes requires too much investment which might hamper the financial stability of the business. The fact that the policies are in place gets to be verified through internal audit reports and personal inspections by the company owners. Also the extent to which the abidance of these policies are successful can be judged through the reports of health and safety policy example for auditors

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