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Freedom of Association Policy for Textile Labor

Freedom of Association Policy

Auto Garments Ltd. aspires to be a preferred employer in our industry. To that end, the company generally supports human rights and the individual rights regulation of its employees, including an employee’s right to associate themselves. Though not an exhaustive/completed list, management at Auto Garments Ltd supports a garments worker right to: Freedom of association, An informed choice and A representative voter turnout. Read All Compliance Post in Bangla

Objective: To manage our business in support of our employees and the above rights and to refrain/finish from management conduct, whether written or verbal, this is intended to influence an employees view or choice with regard to labor union representation. In particular, during union organizing management shall support the employee’s individual right and regulation to choose whether to vote for or against union representation without influence of interference from management.

Policy Statement: Management shall not act in any way which is or could reasonably be felt /perceived to be anti-union. This includes finishing/refraining from making derisive/ riddle comments about unions, publishing of posting pamphlets, fliers, letters, posters or any other communication which need to be interpreted as criticism of the garments union or advises employees to vote “no” against the union. However, we believe that employees should be able to make an informed choice and therefore management may provide balanced real/factual information to assist its employees in making that choice. Further guidance as to what is and is not acceptable can be given by your Human Resources Department.Intimidation/threat or harassment of employees or any other unlawful activity is strictly prohibited. By extension of this policy, management is reminded of its obligation to honor the principles set out in the company & Labor Law 2006 policy, including the ILO.

Management Obligation: IF we become aware of union organizing activity at your facility, we support during such activities and who will be responsible for coordinating company communications during such activity to ensure compliance with this policy. If we already manage a union site, this does not alter our duties in collective bargaining and acting in the best interests of the company and our employees. Should any union activity cause us to question whether this policy applies, please contact the Human Resources.

Freedom of Association Policy for Textile Labor – Example - 2


Applicable for: This policy will be applicable for all the factory workers of Auto Group

Objective: The objective of this policy is to make everybody aware of what kind of and what level of freedom of association is being allowed in the company and in what stage of evolutionary development the company is in the process of allowing complete freedom of associations provided for in the law for all industries, except RMG sector up to now

Basis: The law tells that, workers should have freedom of association which means they should be allowed to form group among themselves through which they can represent their worries, concerns and opinions about how the company should be managed. Law provides that, this should be done in the form of trade union for all industries except for RMG and textile; and law provides for very effective worker participation to be formed for this particular industry. Therefore this policy has been prepared to show how the company is implementing the law

Policies: Up to the point in time that the formation of trade union is not compulsory for the RMG sector. The company will not allow the formation of trade union within the company itself; however, the company will allow and will in fact take the initiative to form a very effective Worker Welfare Committee (WWC) and worker participation committee as described in the policy no. 3.18 (Worker Welfare Committee)

Workers will not be prohibited joining any trade union outside of the company; however, if any worker is found to be a part of any trade union which is politically affiliated then the worker will be asked to discontinue such membership as the company does not wish to allow any kind of infiltration of motional politics in to the company

Workers will be given the right and the opportunity to express themselves freely in WWC meeting and decisions taken jointly in such meetings will be circulated as minutes across the company

In addition there will be a document where the decision will be written down and the workers will sign on the paper along with management representative and that will constitute the evidence of the fact that collective decision making is taking place in the company. Such committee can have any kind of affiliation with national politics

In the event that the trade union has been made mandatory for these industries and it has been formed in the company, if it is ever found to be affiliated with any external political party then that particular trade union will be immediately dissolved

Regulations & Procedures: Workers who would like to form a group will be allowed to do so in the form of a Worker Welfare Committee through an election as described in the policy no. 3.18. Regular meeting of WWC will be held . Minutes of the meetings will be circulated . Decisions taken will be signed by the workers and circulated

Responsible Parties

Welfare, Compliance, Admin Departments and Management; and the workers will responsible for implementing this policy

Communication & Implementation: Policy will be communicated through mail notifications to all and subsequent explanation by department heads to team members.Also will be explained by HR team members. Policy book will be provided to all department heads for reference

Exceptions: There will be no exception of this policy

Feedback & Control:Compliance Department will be present during the WWC meeting to monitor that, workers are being able to freely ventilate their thought in the meeting .

Compliance Department will also conduct separate interview with people in order to find out if they are being able to frankly express everything that they like to express in such meeting

External audits will also be there to prove that WWC meetings are taking place effectively

Welfare Department will ensure that all the workers are ventilating their frustration


Applicable labor law relations and other laws may prevail in circumstances where there is a conflict with this policy. For additional guidance with regard to the application of the law, contact the appropriate Human Resources Representative for assistance. This policy supersedes all previous policies and like documents. The company reserves the right to make changes and/or revisions to this policy at any time.

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