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Senior Officer Health & Safety Job Description

Senior Officer Health & Safety

Job title : senior officer health & safety. Location : factory

Department : health & safety reports to : director, marketing & qc.

Coordinating department : internal : all departments of the factory.

External : fire service & civil defense, bgmea, concern govt.authority/corporations

Reporting channel : HR Manager / manager health & safety, director, marketing & qc.

Immediate superior : manager health & safety

Immediate subordinate : health & safety officer.

No. Of employee supervised : 02 persons, fire fighting team & first aid team

Job summary :

  • Ensure availability of pure drinking water to all workers & employees.
  • Ensure appropriates sanitation system is in place for all workers and employees.
  • Make sure fire fighting system is in place.
  • Plan for regular fire drill.
  • Preparation of evacuation plan and posting at appropriate places.
  • Ensure adequate item & medicines are available in first aid boxes.
  • Training plan for first aid & fire fighting team.
  • Check fire extinguisher,Hose pipe, Smoke Detector,Emergency light and Emergency exit box from Ground floor to 6th floor and Finishing godown every month (into 1-4 days in first week in month).
  • To make document of checking fire extinguisher,Hose Rill & Fire alarm).
  • After making document it is need to approved by HR & Factory Manager (for show audit).
  • When checking fire extinguisher those fire extinguisher are date expire and presser zero or high it is lay down from the fire extinguisher point and send for refill.
  • To make smoke detector check list document.
  • Fire equipment list update.
  • Fire fighter list upted.
  • Firstly total 650 person fire fighter check back every month and those fire fighter are migrate need to collect new fire fighter for fulfill for fire fighter list (At list 25% manpower need to include fire fighter)
  • Fire fighter photo update.
  • Factory Aisles marking & arrow marking complete from ground floor to 6th floor & Finishig godown every month 
  • Beside taking Fire awareness training(New joining worker) need to take at least3/4fire fighter training(old worker+ staff)
  • To arranged “Fire Drill” and “Evacuation Drill” every month and provide training during fire drill.
  • Factory visiting and monitoring (Daily).
  • Involved/Present all the factory welding and cutting 
  • Repairing exit box light, Emergency light by electrician in every month.
  • Fire document submited in Auditor. 
  • Checking fire extinguisher route, emergency route
  • Ensure all fire extinguisher in good condition.
  • Kept a document fire extinguisher location list.
  • Fire signage in English and Bangla.
  • Usage guide in dual language.
  • Fire extinguisher colour background marking.
  • Fire certificate persons photo keeping.
  • Sufficeant fire safety trained employees 25% Evacuation plan in all Floor/Area. Emergency light to ll oom/Area Adequate. 
  • Ensure emergency light to all staircase.
  • Floorwise emergency light location list.
  • Total fire fighting equipment s kept with location.
  • Fire safety training (Internal/floorwise and external/selected employees).
  • Identification mark /signage for all fire equipments and fire station.
  • Factory Aisles and Arrow marking complete every month(Ground flor to 6th floor and Finishing Godown). 
  • Smoke Detector location list maintain.
  • Idle machine are segregate.
  • Fire fighting equipment list.
  • Fire fighting equipment check(Fire bucket,Water jar, Fire Bitter,Fire Hook,Strtcher,Gass Mask,Roof,Lock Cutter,Hand Gloves etc.
  • Ensure Safety relate Law/Act/Rules & Regulation.
  • Fulfill the buyer requirement.
  • Ensure Fire licesne reuirement.
  • Ensure Fire licence renewal.
  • Gap fill up of Fire Fighting Team.
  • Communication with related authority like Fire Service Civil Defence.
  • Do Responsibility/Duty in staire (During factory in time and lunch in/ out time ).
  • Main gate monitoring at leave time.
  • Transport monitoring (Accorading to Shedule).
  • Factory Clossing (Accorading to Shedule).
  • Toilet check and make ensure sufficient watew, cleaning, Soap, Towel and light.
  • Envelop writing for worker salary sheet.
  • Help of HR officer to writing personal file.
Accountability : responsible for proper functioning of all health & safety measures in the plant.
Authority : as required to perform the specified job summary.

Bellow related health and safety issue has ensured by authority:

Cleanliness::Workplace will have neat and clean all time and drainage system will kept clean all time and specially,

a) Every worker will open their sandal and shoes before entrance at the floor. They will keep their sandal and shoes in the definite place. At the leaving time they will worn their sandal and shoes after out from floor.
b) All workplace and factory premises will be clean everyday by water and using disinfectant where necessary.

Dust bean and Spittoon: Facility has arranged adequate spittoon for all workers in the convenient place. It is kept clean and disinfectant free. Authority encourage all workers about throw any dirt and spit to the dust bean and spittoon, not to everywhere.
Disposal of Wastage: All wastage is to be dispose in a regular basis. From workplace cleaner will take this and kept in wastage disposal room. In every week wastage will dispose from factory by external buyer.

Ventilation and Temperature: Authority has arranged adequate ventilation and also arranged air cooling system for keep cool workplace. Authority tries to keep floor temperature low.

Dust and Smoke: Where there are some work need to run that place should be free from rubbish and smoke. Authority has taken some provision for keep workplace free from hazard.

Overcrowded: Workplace will not have overcrowded. During working time will be eliminate loudly speaking and unimportant talking. Aisles will be keeping clean all time for easily access. After finished work all workers shall be stayed in line for check.

Lighting: Authority has arranged enough illumination in workplace. Authorities check all area lighting position once in every month.

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