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Senior Accounts Manager Job Description and Duty

Job Description of Senior Accounts Manager

Accounts Manager Job

Creating an efficient set of jobs with associated pay grades starts with job.  He will report General Manager Accounts . Job analysis is the systematic study of jobs to determine what activities and responsibilities they include, their relative importance in comparison with other jobs, the personal qualifications necessary for performance of the jobs and the conditions under which the work is performed. Job analysis focuses on the job, not the person doing the job.

Compensation refers to wages and salary paid by employers to employees in exchange for work. Compensation also includes variable pay in the form of short- and long-term such as cash bonuses and company stock awards, as well as promotions and pay increases. The Total Rewards Program typically is comprised of compensation, and personal growth opportunities; although some organizations include work/life balance as a fourth element.

Job analysis information, in the form of job descriptions and specifications, helps management decide what sort of people to recruit or hire.

Job analysis information is crucial for estimating the value of each job and its appropriate compensation. Besides, Senior Accounts Manager use job analysis to determine the job’s specific activities and performance standards. On the other hand, the job description shows the activities and skills-and therefore the training-that the job requires.

So we can not deny the importance and the impact of job analysis in an organization that’s why this report is aimed to explore the job structure & compensation practices of GARMENTS PEDIA.

Senior Accounts Manager.

  • Senior Accounts Manager Prepare the Bank voucher and Journal voucher.
  • Check the requisition slips, bills and other related vouchers for correctness of expenditure.
  • Check the Bankbook, Cashbook, Ledger book and Cash Trial Balance.
  • Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement.
  • Maintain LC wise Export and Import Register.
  • Maintain Back-to-Back LC Pay off Register.
  • Maintain Insurance Premium bill Register.
  • Maintain Quota Purchase Register.
  • Supervise all accounting records. Make monthly and half-yearly final accounts. 
  • Deal with the unutilized insurance refund case and follow up insurance claims.
  • Maintain the Directors’ Loan accounts.
  • Handle fire insurance related matters and all sorts of insurance claim.
  • Maintain debit / credit note file and lab test file. 
  • Handle Accounts Software and make code for classification of cash and bank transaction. 
  • Make entries in the cash and bank related software. Also make posting and checking of entries in the computer.
  • Make correspondence with the foreign suppliers / buyers regarding the payment matters and issue of debit notes. 
  • Perform any other job assigned by the Management from time to time.
  • Check the Daily cashbook and comply with the physical cash-in-hand. 
  • Maintain the ledger book and prepare the Cash Trial Balance.
  • Maintain the Cheque Issue Register.
  • Maintain the Journal Register.
  • Check the payment vouchers before posting to Cashbook.
  • Maintain advance and Loan Register.
  • Maintain P.O. wise Local Accessories Purchase Register.
  • Maintain C&F Bill File.
  • Senior Accounts Manager Calculate weekly overtime for 1st week of the month.
  • Sort out daily expenditure bills for 1st week of the month only.
  • Perform any other job assigned by the Management from time to time.
  • Check the attendance, prepare salary sheet and disburse the same by 1st week of each month.
  • Prepare the Bonus Sheet twice in a year.
  • Prepare Leave Encashment Sheet once in a year.
  • Prepare the Increment Analysis Sheet once in a year.
  • Prepare weekly overtime calculation.
  • Sort out the daily expenditure bills and after summarizing, produce to the Accounts Officer/ Manager for final checking.
  • Maintain leave record register properly.
  • Senior Accounts Manager Perform any other job assigned by the Management from time to time.

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