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Garments Worker Assessment & Recruitment Policy

Garments Worker Assessment & Recruitment Policy

Garments Worker Assessment:

It is a 10 point scoring system of worker assessment. A skilled Worker (Iron man/Folding man) can achieve maximum 9.5 Points (5 from operation & 4.5 from efficiency) and a Multi-skill Iron man/Folding man can achieve maximum of 10 points (5 from operation & 4.5 from efficiency and remaining 0.5 from Multi-skilling). The policy is based on the following criteria. There will be a special category for Special process (e.g. IRONING, FOLDING etc) and point distribution would be like 5 points for Process Grade and 5 points for Efficiency Grade.

Process Category:

All processes are categorized based on their complexity, condition. Processes are categorized in the following manner:
Process Grade
Process Descript.
Process Point
Process Standard
Salary Range
Most Difficult


Manual (Easy),Basic Operation

Process Grades:  

Are the measure of Process Complexity. Process Grade & Efficiency Grade will determine the Iron man Grade. Which processes will be included in which Process Grade will be determined by the R&D team.
Process Point:  
Process points are the measures of the multi-skilled (Sr./jr) Iron man/folding man, and the points varied from 4 to 5 depends on process complexity & it is unchangeable.

Process Standard:   

Will be varied from process to process and determined & developed by R&D team based on Time study & capacity study.

Salary Range: 

Can be changed based on Government and/or company’s rules & regulation.

Special Note:  

  • If any operator fall in C&D category then any one of the two categories will be effective.
  • Assessment & Recruitment Policy for Iron man & folding ma
  • Special Process Declaration
  • Special Process are declared at A3

Selection Criteria

  • Workers fall in this group will capable to:
  • Operate one or more Special process (iron & folding)
  • Operation efficiency must be greater than 60.00%
  • Not fulfill all the criteria on Clause A1 & B1.
  • Child labor is not applicable for the post

Salary Determination

  • Workers salary will be determined from A4, Observed capacity and A2.
  • For Iron man/ folding man of this category can get maximum salary of Tk. 6820

Highest Possible Salary:

Highest Scale + Multi Process Benefit + Factory Manager Consideration: = 6420+300+100 = 6820 Taka

Guideline for Assessment:

  • Allowance must be added with observed time for performance calculation
  • For P category process iron man must be observed for minimum 28 minutes and maximum 55 minutes.
  • For others category minimum 10 cycles must be observed.
  • During assessment the completed work must be checked by respective quality inspector.
  • First focus point is quality then cycle time.

Recruitment Flow Chart:

Notice Board
Factory Main gate
Worker Assembly
Doctor Chamber
Age Verification
Medical Check-up
Fill-up of age verification from
Attestation of Photograph
Selection Team
Worker Experience Verification
Selection of Worker Grade
Worker’s in-line Capacity Study & Salary determination by R&D Department 
Compliance & HRD Department 
Prepare Personal File
Fixation of Salary
Issue appointment later
Issue Time Card (Proximity)

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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