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List of Garment Dyeing Machine

Garment Dyeing Machine

Garment Dyeing Machine

This method is the last process of the dyeing of goods. However, the penetration of the dye solution may not be completely passed to the fibers such as between the seams, buttons, zippers etc. Normally, it is used for lingerie, socks, sweater dyeing etc.Industrial attachment program has sent us to the expected destiny of practical life by the Completion of eight week industrial attachment at Auto Textile Ltd. We have already understood that this factory posses the most modern woven fabrics Processing projects in Bangladesh. During our industrial attachment program, we had tried as our best to do our duty perfectly. View more Dyeing Machines

Basic information about dyeing section of ATL
1.      the share of dyeing department in Auto Textile limited is almost 50%
2.      Target of solid dyeing  1.5 -2 million per month
3.      90% production of solid dyeing is 100% cotton
4.      100% cotton may be (a) stretch (lycra)
 (b) Non stretch
            5. 80-85% dyeing is done on stretch fabric
            6. 10% is dyed on pc fabric
         7. 95% fabrics are dyed with reactive dyes.
         8. 10% fabrics are dyed with pigment dyes
9.  Sulpher and vat dyeing process are rare.

Number of the machine of dyeing section:

M/c name
Number of m/c
Thermosol m/c
Pad Steam
Washing m/c

Dyeing types
1.      Reactive dyeing
2.      Disperse dyeing
3.      Pigment dyeing
4.      sulpher dyeing
5.       Vat dyeing
6.      Disperse + Reactive dyeing
  1. One Bath Process
  2. Two Bath process

In woven fabric processing generally various types of dyeing process are used. Those are:

i. Pad Dry cure - wash
ii. Pad Dry Cure (PDC)-Pigment
iii. Pad dry chemical Pad Steam (CPS)
vi. Pad dry chemical Pad Steam (CPS) (disperse/Reactive)
v. Cold Pad Batch (CPB)-dyeing
vi. Wet on wet (light shade)
vii. Pad dry steam- wash

Main dyeing problem:

1.Tailing : The shade variation in lengthwise  is called tailing.
2. listing : The shade variation in width wise is called listing.

Cold pad batch:

Cold pad batch is the simple & easiest way of woven fabric dyeing. In this process only dark shade can be produced successfully & economically. But limitation is medium or light shade is difficult to match. It takes a long time because after dyeing it required a rotation of 8 to 12 hours.

Really there is a large gap  between the theoretical knowledge and practical experiences.  Industrial training is an essential part of  textile education, because it minimizes the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. This Industrial training has increased our thinking and creativity about textile technology. It also helps us to know about industrial production process, machineries, and industrial management  a lot and prepared us suitable for industrial life. Besides these we have gotten  first opportunity to work in industry. So we can say industrial attachment prepare us for the expected destiny of practical life.
It is completely a new experience in our life, which will be very effective in our service life. During my training period I realized that practical experience is valuable for service life. So thanks again for the entire person who help me for our training. Dyeing Machine Software is very essential to increase the production efficiency.

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