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Appointment of Senior Management Reprehensive

Subject: Appointment of Senior Management Reprehensive

We are pleased to appoint Mr. Mahbub (D.G.M- HR, Admin & Compliance) as Senior Management Reprehensive to implement and maintain company’s Social Managements system. Mr. Mahbub (D.G.M- HR, Admin & Compliance) will be responsible in respective of other duties that the BSCI Requirements are effectively met. His major responsibilities will be primarily:

Formulating / updating Company Social Policy.
Organization implementing and monitoring teams.
Planning of implementation and reviewing of social performance, as well as the terms performance.
Reporting to the top management on company’s Social Performance.
Update, implement and check the current laws regarding Social & environmental Compliance as well as labor laws.

He will also submit a report to the management in every three months regarding current status of factory / labor laws.

The order will come into force from 2nd January, 2014.

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Senior Managements Reprehensive Managing Director

Copy to: 01. Managing Director

02. D.G.M (HR, Admin & Compliance)

03. Personal File

04. Office Record

05. Notice Board

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