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What is Fabric Process and Shade Grouping?

Fabric Process and Shade Grouping

Shade grouping 

Mainly denim fabric shade grouping must do after actual blanket wash, as a process 100% (roles cut panel 8-10 Inch) cut out of cut 8*8 size must be attach as a mat. Per mat can include 09 roles part stitch together . Each and every blanket need attach Master roll fabric/Sample yards cut pcs to compare and match the color.

Including all fabric consignments blanket must be wash as per correct stranded wash recipe and color need match with selected control fabric.

If selected controls fabric color must be matching with target

After wash blanket parts separated and can group as per taper sequence. It can be group shade A. B .C. D. E etc….

Fabric department can identify and records per shade No of rolls representing shade label it as per shade no. Shade A, B,C etc……

While start cutting department can must be take shade A -1st and Shade B-2nd shade C-3rd serially.

Shade label must be attached correctly in sewing.

Washing department wash load by following shade label. Same shade will be load as one load, output also will be looks same.

 Shrinkage test- Shrinkage cut panel also can cut from initial cut pcs which cut for blanket.

 Physical test

 Color fastness test

 Rubbing test

Fabric Process and Shade Grouping

Note S/S – (Side to side) S/M Side to Middle

Tailing check – Roll Beginning Middle and end shading check.

P1A – Dimensional stability check

If you follow blanket/Shade grouping process correctly easy to handle denim and twill fabric in wash stage.

Also it will help to reduce color dark light in same bath and shade variations in bulk stage.

Fabric Process

This department mainly deals with the fabric related activities. Fabric inspection department is playing a vital role in the organization. Generally the main function of this department is to ensure the quality of fabric whether it is appropriate for the production or not. The basic functions of this department include the following-

 Inspection of fabrics

 Shade grouping

 Shrinkage test

 Physical test

 Color fastness test

 Rubbing test

Objective of the Fabric Technology department

1. Develop and Source fabric as per customer requirement

2. Ensure all kind of fabric quality and supplier approval in development and Bulk stage

3. Ensure good quality fabrics are fed for production, lead to a smooth and quality manufacturing, and reduce the no of second garments due to fabric issue.

4. Conduct in house and outside testing for both bulk and develop fabric to asses physical and color performance.

5. Raise any fabric issue to Supplier and do Claim negotiation for Company losses.

Fabric Development and Sourcing

Fabric department is doing all the fabric sourcing and development as per the customer requirement.

Fabric department is in contact with very wide fabric supplier base all over the world (Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, India, Turkey, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, Italy, Germany etc). So after getting the requirement from customer we communicate with the suitable suppliers considering the quality of the product, price, volume, lead time etc.

Quality Assurance of All Bulk Fabric and Issue To Production

Conducting Testing In house and Out side Lab

Fabric department co ordinates all the test which need to be done in our internal lab or third party accredited lab.

Dimensional Stability

II. Tensile Strength

III. Tearing Strength

IV. Seam Slippage


VI. Stretch ability and Residual extension

VII. Abrasion Resistance

VIII. Pull test

IX. Promotional Claim (Water and oil Repellency)

X. Print Durability

XI. Smoothness

Color fastness to wash

II. Color fastness to water

Color fastness to Rubbing


V. Color fastness to Oxidative Bleach

VI. Color changes after customer wash

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