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What is Standard Sample Washing Procedure ?

Standard Sample Washing Procedure

(1:1)All type of samples which are produced at sample section, (Eg-Development samples, SMS samples, PP samples, size set samples etc.) are checked by the sample quality auditor for shade, Handle, Appearance, Dry process etc. against the approved standard, and findings are recorded at sample inspection format,(Format#01)

(1:2) Dry rubbing of each and every sample of all buyers are checked by the auditor and the specimen is attached to the above inspection format. Regarding the testing Related to other customers are done by the development team in different stages, to not to have any difficulties in bulk stage, If any critical test issues are found, Which cannot be managed in bulk, such things will be communicated to the customer In advance and have necessary conclusions during development stage.

(1:3)The auditor passes the sample set and the inspection format to the sample in charge after the inspection. An acknowledgement sign from sample technical team is taken of the inspection format.

(1:4)There are 3 copies of the inspection format, one is sent to factory with the sample set and another one is given to sample section to keep as records and the last copy is kept with QA auditor for future references.

(1:5)If the sample set is not matched to the approved standard or any major defectives are found, then the defect references, approved standard and the checking report are brought to reviewing of head of quality department.

A special attention is given to the size set samples and all the size set samples are brought to quality head with approved standards and checking formats to identify whether there are any more bulk risks, This is the last stage to highlight the bulk risks and If any bulk risks are found, it will be communicated to the team by the head of quality for preventive actions.

(1:6)If any sample set especially the size sets have been rejected by head of quality. Such sample sets should be re made to avoid confusions and hassles in bulk stage. A new sample set to repeat the same exercise with preventive actions, has to be requested by the sample team from the factory team

(1:7) Inspection formats are kept at sample section, customer wise for 3 months and then dispose.
Standard Sample Washing Procedure

2: Risk analysis meeting

(2:1) After5 getting the comments on the bulk confirmation sample (salesmen samples, contract seal samples etc) a meeting to assess the bulk risks, is conducted by the head of quality, with the help of sample development section.

(2:2)Senior members of Quality/ Production/ Sample development/ Planning/ IE and operations are participated to share the experiences to have a smooth flow of operations during bulk.

(2:3) All potential risks are discussed and recorded in risk analysis sheet and filed buyer wise, to be used as an information sheet for future meetings and 1st bulk assessments(Format#2)

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