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Commercial Officer Job Responsibility in RMG Factory

Commercial Officer Job Responsibility

Commercial Officer Jobwill report to Commercial Assistant General Manager . Commercial Officer job responsibility –

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  • Keeping record of all buyers’ original documents submitted to bank manually in register for individually.
  • Keeping above record in computer also for long time preserving.
  • Keeping record of back to back L/C performance for all buyers individually to avoid excess (%) of back to back limit.
  • Keeping record of original documents to bank doing reconcile those with ex-factory shipment so that no document missing to bank.
  • Bring Bill no., Proceeds and Bank to Bank Courier no. from bank, a day weekly.

Commercial Officer Job Responsibility

Commercial Officer Job Responsibility

I think above job is reasonable enough for one doing in these hardship days besides this documents increasing day by day what I have to hand write to register so many time in all day long. It is undoubted hard work though output did not see directly if organization think will found it has a lot of output but there are no any explanation and assessment in this job, so I told organization once to give me any other responsible job so that I can work with honorable mental satisfaction in Commercial Officer present stage. Organization have proposed me the job of import document from Bank to CNF, policy, factory and merchandiser and file maintaining assignment. There are a lot of work doing would be difficult to accomplish for one. If anybody propose assignment only then organization have to arrange Commercial Officer job responsibility to another. New assignment and Commercial Officer job responsibility would be much difficult to perform for one successfully.  Besides this, I might propose assignment successfully including Commercial Officer present job responsibility if there are stay full cooperation and support above all have sign up job assignment as responsibility so that I can work with full mental satisfaction.

I require the following job procedure in advance to work successfully in good faith to management.

a. Free work support so that no obstruct for others.

b. Prompt and easy communication facility.

c. Attendant facility doing photocopy and file finding in time.

d. Mental satisfaction support.

e. Have sign up job assignment as responsibility.


  • Prepare EP, IP & submit to DEPZ 
  • Issuing consumption report & maintain bond resister.
  • Handle the import/export related activities as far as the commercial is concerned
  • Look after the issues in relation with L/C for import and export.
  • Take care of commercial papers /documentation for import and export.
  • Keep liaise with the concerned department like DEPZ /Customs/Shipping Agent /C& F/Bank etc.
  • Prepare necessary statement and report in line with the management’s requirement
  • To make correspondence with overseas office/external parties/ customers as and when necessary.
  • Any other related duties assigned by the management                                                                          
  • To make the Audit report (Export Proceed Realization Certificate) individually
  • To make the Audit report (Import-Export Performance of Fabrics & Accessories) individually
  • To keep record manually in register for original documents submitted to bank individually
  • Commercial Officer Job To keep above record in computer also.
  • To keep record of back-to-back L/C performance in computer individually
  • To bring Bill no., Realized value and Courier no. From bank, a day weekly.
  • To inform the Authority BTB amount for payment and due date month wise. 
  • Update the EP status – after prepare the shipping document 
  • Co-ordinate with logistic , CS as well as CNF to ensure smooth delivery 
  • Prepare consumption statement while C&F come to our premises to take goods. 
  • Commercial Officer Job Update the delivery status-After completion the delivery

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