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HR Assistant Manager Job Responsibility

HR Assistant Manager Job

Name : Mohammed Shahin

Designation : Asst. Manager

Department : Administration (Admin, HR & Compliance)

Intermediate Down Man : HR Junior Executive 

HR Assistant Manager Job Responsibilities:

1. Monitor day-to-day activities of the staffs of administration section.

2. Maintain license & documents.

3. Ensure proper enactment of compliance & HR policies.

4. Oversee Health & safety issues.

HR Assistant Manager

Detail Activities:

1) Monitor day-to-day activities of the staffs of administration section:

· Assigning and follow-up of duty & responsibility of the junior staffs in the team

· Maintain floor standard as per the standard requirements.

· HR Assistant Manager Job To ensure factory security. (Security Guards Monitoring)

· Monitoring transport related all tasks.

2) Maintain license & documents.

3) Ensure compliance & HR policies:

· Check and update the compliance issues with the members of compliance tean on a regular basis.

· Organize interdepartmental meetings.

· Prepare and circulate all kinds of internal and external notices (all Kinds of official Notice & Order)

· To ensure all kinds of payment of workers & staff (Such as Late payment, Final payment etc.)

· New workers and staff interview, check all kind of academic certificate, national ID & recruitment as required.

· Salary and wages sheet check..

· Maintain all worker & stuff personal file check.

· Coordinate internal and external training and participate in different sessions pertinent to admin, HR and compliance.

· Provide assistance to Head of Departments in managing disciplinary, grievance and other employee related issues in line with organizational policies.

· Assist the top management on issues of increment and performance bonus of all stuff and workers.

· Identification of worker & stuff problem and resolve it with the aegis of top management.

· Collect new worker’s/stuff as required from various sources.

· Follow up any command as assigned by the factory management.

Ensuring the cleanliness and hygienic of the factory.

·HR Assistant Manager Job Attend the medical needs of any worker/stuff..

More Job summary :

1. Receiving instruction for deputy manager hrd

2. Receiving requisition for hiring personnel for other departments of factories.

3. Arrange postering, publishing for recruitment.

4. Job distribution among timekeepers and document & leave clerks.

5. Providing data to senior officer it.

6. Proper arrangement for maintaining all records, files, registers, documents related to labour officer.

7. Supervising the job timekeepers and documents & leave clerks.

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