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HR Junior Executive Job Responsibility in RMG Factory

HR Junior Executive Job

Name : Mohsin Akther

Id No : 96789

Designation : HR Junior Executive

Department : Administration

Intermediate Subordinate : HR Assistant Manager 
HR Junior Executive Job Responsibility

Major Activities:

¨ Assist to Recruiting

¨ Personal File Up-to-date

¨ Maintain office file.

¨ Receptionist

HR Junior Executive Activities

  • Assist to Recruiting
  • Fill-up new worker’s Bio-Data, Appointment letter etc.
  • Assist to distribute of new worker’s in to respective floor.
  • Personal File Up-to-date
  • Pesticide Registration by Submission Of necessary document with sample to Department of Sample Extension. 
  • Submit Pesticide sample to different Research organization for field trial.
  • Communicate with foreign principle for collect Product registration dossier and other document for product registration.
  • Ensure timely Renewal of Product Registration Certificate.
  • Ensure timely Renewal of all kind of company license.
  • Field visit for understand the market demand to different product and collect information about different company product.
  • Research with different product for product development.
  • Maintain different document such as Deed, License, and Certificate etc.
  • Solve Regulatory related issue of factory.
  • Developed good relation with different govt. personnel to ensure smooth workflow related to company.
  • Identify and develop new product.
  • Personal file update with relevant papers. Such kinds of leave application show-cause letter etc.
  • Issue conformation letter, service book, personal history and distribute to worker’s
  • Showcase letter issue to worker’s and staff for absenteeism.
  • Receptionist
  • Assist to reception when need.
  • Maintain office file.
  • All kinds of office file maintain as required.
  • Documents keep in the respective file.


• Cross-functionally, what departments / job titles have you interfaced the most with, in terms of carrying out your HR activities. Payroll - if not a part of the HR team. Accounting. Management Team, Operations managers, Executives, and Security.

• List 3 areas that you’d like to expand your knowledge, in HR, and what it would take to achieve this goal. Clearly recruitment is my weakness, but I think this is an area that I have a basic understanding of. I just would need the practical experience of applying it.

• As an HR practitioner, where do you want to be in 5 years? Being that my Masters work is in HRD. I had hoped that I would earn the possibility of being an HR and/or Payroll Manager/Director. Which ever direction fate took me in.

• Rate your written communication skills.-

• Verbal communication.

• Spelling skills (without using Spell-check)

• Organization skills for HR Junior Executive

• Time Management for HR Junior Executive

• On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a “self starter” are you?

• With the previous question in mind, what issues represent a “brick wall” for you, and how do you address them? Upward delegation. I know this seems like risky choice, and I apologize. Yet, I have been in a number of scenarios' where tax or labor laws were not being followed. I would cautiously bring them to the attention of my superiors, and sadly it gets easily dismissed. Therefore, I traditionally build a case that includes the labor or tax law that directly affects the issue at hand. Then include a process or policy solution to change it. Sometimes it works. Other times, I get the answer of "We have always done it this way, and it has been fine" Ethically, I have to bring it to their attention. It is my job, and it is what I do. At least if something happens in the future, and we get audited. I at least know I tried to prevent it.

Ability to maintain confidentiality -This goes without question in my world
Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman Email: garmentspedia@gmail.com

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