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Job Description of Welfare and Counseling Officer

Welfare and Counseling Officer


The management of GARMENTS PEDIA. always tries to extend a big hand for the welfare of its workers and staffs. The company strictly maintains Child labor restriction, Healthy factory layout, Providing pure drinking water, Sanitation and Medical facility for the workers and staffs.

Job title : executive (welfare & counseling)

Location : factory

Department : hrd

Reports to : director, marketing qc&qa, director, production

Coordinating department :

Internal : all departments of factories.

External : bgmea, labour office.

Reporting channel : HR Manager / asst. Manager- hrd, dy. Manager- hrd, director production.

Immediate superior : asst. Manager- hrd

Immediate subordinate : HR Junior Executive

No. Of employee supervised : none.

Job Description of Welfare and Counseling Officer

Job Summary Counselling Officer:

  • Reporting & monitoring welfare matters to management pertaining to :
  • wage administration of workers & employees.
  • Health & safety of workers & employees.
  • Hours of work of workers & employees.
  • Entitlement & privileges of workers & employees.
  • Workers awareness with regards to sense of responsibility, loyalty, discipline, health care, use of sanitary toilets, maintaining, id card & migration.
  • Establishing effective communication with workers to provide feed back to management on issues mentioned in ‘e’ 
  • Accountability : accountable for effective monitoring of welfare issues inorder to 
  • make sure that factories get no violation during audit on w/ issues. 
  • Authority : adequate for normal functioning.

More Job Summary Counselling Officer:
  • Maintaining & Monitoring transport.
  • Arrangement of buyers entertainment
  • Submission of monthly requisition to head office for local purchase.
  • Workers collection for recruitment & necessary procedure maintaining in this regard if required
  • Collection of tiffin requirement & arrangement .
  • Staff lunch arrangement.
  • Monitoring cleaning of factory, office & toilet etc.
  • All furniture and fixtures checking and report to admin manager.
  • Internal transport maintaining.
  • Daily floor checking
  • Canteen duty during lunch period.
  • Ensuring canteen is cleaned after lunch.
  • Monitoring tiffin distribution.

Job Summery Welfare Officer:

  • Workers orientation 
  • Grievance handling 
  • Ensuring M/L workers necessary aid. 
  • Maintaining M/L workers list. 
  • Arrangement of necessary training & record maintaining. 
  • Collection of workers to attend the training with discussion to section chief. 
  • Taking interview of absent workers regularly & motivate them 
  • Finding out workers grievance and bringing it to higher management if not solved the problem 
  • Daily checking the document of accident , patient , medicine, maternity, fire , safety equipment , first aid box etc. 
  • Workers dinning monitoring 
  • Counseling the workers and giving motivation 
  • Ensuring all workers given uniform, mask, goggles, ID card etc. 
  • Ensuring all the workers are maintaining their safety guard , needle guard, wearing mask etc. 
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