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Bangladesh Tiqma Terms of Service

Bangladesh Tiqma Terms of Service

  • Unless noted otherwise, TAHA Giyim Laboratory shall perform all the testing processes as per the requirements stated in the TIQMA REQUEST document. 
  • Suppliers should Refer to the TEMA GROUP FABRIC MANUALS before submitting a test request. However the TIQMA REQUEST form has clear guidelines 
  • The TIQMA REQUEST document must be completed without any missing information. The test report will be generated according to the information given on the TIQMA Request Form. 
  • If the TIQMA REQUEST document is not completed properly it will not be accepted by the laboratory. The client will be asked to complete the missing information. 
  • If the testing samples are found to be too small to complete desired test(s), the client will be informed in writing. If the missing sample is not delivered to the laboratory within the testing period, only the performed tests can be reported. If the missing samples are provided after the regular testing period, a new TIQMA REQUEST document will be required for the testing to be completed. 
    Bangladesh Tiqma Terms of Service
  • Amendments, additions or cancellations required by the client on the report or shall be informed to the laboratory in writing 
  • When amendments, additions or cancellations is to be carried out on the TIQMA REQUEST document the client shall submit the corrected document to the laboratory before tests are started. 
  • Samples which are not processed due to the lack of information and/or insufficiency samples will be kept in the laboratory for maximum 1 week. The lab management shall not be hold responsible of these samples if they are not processed or not collected within the one week period. 
  • The samples will be accepted until 11:00 am during each working day. For the samples submitted after 11:00 am with complete documentation, the testing will start on the next working day. 
  • The client can cancel/amend the test request within 24 hours after the submission. Cancellations/amendments made after this period shall not be accepted. 
  • Unless there is a prior agreement, the copy of the report will be directly sent to the client at the end of the service period via automation and a printed copy will be kept in the laboratory after being approved by the Laboratory Manager. 
  • The information belongs to the clients shall not be revealed to any third parties without the written consent of the client. The test report shall only be sent to the person having submitted the test request. The test report shall be revealed to any third parties or bodies without the written consent of this person. 
  • For the analytical (ecological) tests it should be indicated on the TIQMA REQUEST document if the sample has undergone any washing 
  • For the analytical (ecological) tests the age group shall be identified clearly on the Test Request Form. 
  • In all fabric physical performance tests, the sample’s weight in grams per square meter shall be indicated on the Test Request Form. 
  • In all fabric physical performance tests, the sample shall be submitted to the lab indicating the fabric end / warp direction. 
  • When there are different color samples, a separate sample for each color in the dimensions indicated on the front page of the TIQMA REQUEST document shall be given to the laboratory. 
  • For express service a confirmation shall be taken from the lab management. For some tests express service cannot be provided. 
  • Tested samples and remaining samples will be kept in the laboratory achieve for 2 years. At the end of this period they will be destroyed. 
  • Any request for the return of the tested samples (and remaining samples) shall be made in writing. Tested samples cannot be returned if a Fabric Technologist asked for it for visual checking 
  • The normal service period in our laboratories is 3 working days. Only Friday is not included within the working day. 
  • TAHA Giyim laboratory shall not take any responsibility in case the tests cannot be performed due to official holidays, natural disasters, terror, war, legal limitation, strike, fire, accidents, machine malfunctions, etc. 
  • Please contact the Laboratory Customer Services Department for other questions about TIQMA REQUESTS 

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