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Waste Management Policy and Procedure

Waste Management Policy and Procedure

Waste Management Policy and Procedure

The objective of this waste management policy and procedure is to make sure that, all the waste and surroundings of the factory are properly been taken care of. One spittoon should be provided at every floor for dumping garbage, phlegm or spit. Sufficient number of garbage baskets should be provided at each floor. One cleaner should be there for each line and section for cleaning garbage and discarded materials. We will discussed detail about waste management policy and procedure of garments particle. Read This Article in Bangla

Need for Management of Waste:

  • Every over lock machines should be provided with one basket to collect machine dirt
  • At every floor there should be one sweeper to clean the toilets
  • Sufficient number of cleaner should be assigned for cleaning the cutting, finishing and dining areas
  • One trolley should be provided beside of every cutting tables for collecting the cut pieces
  • All the electrical channels, switch boards should be cleaned everyday by blower machine
  • Music should be played every day on a specific time to clean the machines
  • Boilers, electrical switch boards, dark room should be  cleaned at the end of each week ad should be recorded in the checklist
  • The surroundings of the factory buildings should be cleaned after every 4 months and that should need for management of waste.


Standard Operating Procedure for Waste Disposal Policy

Agreement to sale scrap–
  • The agreement to sale will be made with the concerned party in presence and understanding of GM Finance and GM Stores.
  • The agreement should be of a minimum period of 1 year and allowing reviewing the prices as and when required.
Rates – These will be decided as per the agreement to sale mentioned above. 
  • GM Finance and GM Stores to ensure than maximum possible items have been covered with rates mentioned under the aforesaid agreement.
Segregation of Scrap –
  • The decision to dispose off / segregate the scrap will be taken collectively by CFO, GM Finance, GM Stores and GM Security & GM Admin.
  • Once the decision to sale / disposal has been taken the scrap collected should be segregate in the presence of the following people :Representative from Security and Security Chief.Representative from the Finance Department.Representative from Maintenance Department.Representative from Stores Department. 
  • The Segregation of scrap will take place so as to ensure that :Scrap which can be reused for some other purpose are taken out and stored (proper place decided by GM Stores).Value wise – The items with high value to be monitored carefully and discussed whether they can be reused.
Sale / disposal of scrap – The sale of scrap can take place at any time depending on the amount of scrap collected. However, GM Store must ensure that this Sale or disposal of scrap takes place minimum once a month.
  • The decision on sale or disposal will be made in concurrence with the discussion between GM Finance and GM stores.
  • During the process of sale / collection of scrap. GM Stores and GM Admin to maintain the hygienic conditions of the area where the scrap is stored. They will also ensure that scraps which can hamper the environment viz. Chemical scrap etc. are disposed off with proper care and method.
  • GM Finance to ensure that proper permissions have been taken from relevant authorities for the sale and disposal of scrap

Procedures before allowing scrap to go outbound –
The disposal material will not be allowed to go out of the factory gate before the following procedures are done:
  • The scrap has been properly packed and loaded to ensure that it would not offload in transit.
  • The amount as calculated for Sale of scrap has been paid or agreed to be paid in certain period by the Scrap buyer. Approval of Finance Department required.
  • GM Stores / Security will issue a Gate pass and allow the vehicle to leave the factory premises only after the approval of Finance Department has been received.
  • GM Security and GM Admin shall ensure that no other material should be mixed with the scrap being sold. Also, they should be satisfied that only the goods as agreed to be disposed off have been loaded and nothing else.
  • Records for disposal of scrap to be maintained at least past one year by Finance department and a counter copy to be maintained by Stores.
  • Records should contain the quantity and rate at which each item was sold // quantity of each item disposed.
  • Records should contain Full details viz. Name, address etc. of the party by whom the scrap has been disposed off.

Waste Disposal Policy:

  • Impure water, used for various purposes should be disposed to the sanitation tank by sanitary pipes and later those should be disposed to the city corporation’s disposal line. This pipes and tanks should be washed yearly.
  • Hazard Identification of waste  is a vital part of the factory
  • Dust/ food wastages/ wasted fabrics/ wasted papers/ garbage produced from daily operation should be disposed regularly in the dustbins, which are provided at the floors to maintain waste disposal policy
  • Fabric wastages and rejected cut-pieces, which are produced due to daily operation, should be kept in a designated area from where those will be sold to the local agents.
  • Any sort of wastages like; empty drum/ containers/ bottles/ plastics should be kept in a specific area to be recycled or sold.
  • Broken wooden boxes/ table and chairs/ furniture should be sent for repairing at the first place. Those which can’t be repaired should be stored in a designated area for recycling by the manufacturers or to sell to the local agents.
  • Cartons/ buttons/ hangers/ poly bags/ zippers and similar types of accessories which are left out after usage, should be disposed in 3 ways –a) Repeat order b) Stock order c) New order
  • Some of waste disposal policy and accessories can be used for preparing samples. Fused tube lights, broken glasses and other wastages which are recyclable, should be stored in a designated area to be sold or recycled by the local agents or manufacturers.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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