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SOP for Garments Fabric and Trims Store

Garments Fabric and Trims 

Ensuring the required quality and quantity of the Fabric and Trims store /Accessories is made available to the Production department just in time.
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To optimize more cut quantity which will boost the production of the Orders and be converted to extra shipments with the same efforts and more revenue to the company.                

SOP of Fabric Warehouse

The quality of a final garment depends on the quality of a fabric when it is received as a roll. Even the most outstanding manufacturing methods cannot compensate for defective materials. Normally, we inspect 10% of the rolls we receive and evaluate them based on a four-point system.


  • Key Points
  • Fabric Receipt from Nominated Supplier
  • Physical Counting of rolls
  • Compare the quantity with purchase order or invoice.
  • Any shortage/damaged packaging is informed to commercial dept, purchase dept and merchandiser.
  •  To ensure each roll has got the Supplier Stamp at the Head end.
  • To cut 20” of the full Width Fabric from the Head End for testing in LAB.
  • To Write the following Details on Both parts  1) 20” Head End  2) Balance Fabric Roll
  • Give the Cut Head Ends to the Fabric Manager with memo mentioning the Invoice # & Qty.
  • Each Roll at the time of head end cutting has been given a unique software printed tag having specified information printed on it.
  • This code is referred as during further processes of fabric inspection, shade segregation, warehouse keeping, issuing, and cutting.
  • Fabric Inspection : Fabric Inspection is done by American 4 Point System
  • 4 Point System of Fabric Inspection :  No of roll selection -  10% of the shipment.
  • Once the fabric inspection, shade segragation and lab testings are passed then the fabric is kept in ware house as per Auto wise, color wise and shade wise.
  • Shade wise inventory is maintained in register as well as in Computer system.

SOP for Trims Store

  • 1st thing is physically counting of the no. of packages  received e.g. No. Carton / Bales / Sacks received.
  • Then compare the quantity mentioned on the packs multiplied with number of packs, with the the quantity mentioned on packing list or invoice. Any loss, damage or open boxes is informed to commercial dept, purchase dept and merchandiser.
  • Store Keeper prepares and signs a Goods received note or GRN in which Name of the item, actual quantity received is clearly mentioned and also he mentions the identification mark of the shortage i.e. Carton No., Bale no. etc. and gives a copy to commercial dept.

SOP Of Trims Inspection

  • Trim Card : before starting inspection, QC in the store collects Merchandiser Approved Trim Card*    and compare the Trims with Trim Card
  • Trim Card is a collection of all the trims used in a particular style pasted together in a card board  for  approval and referance.
  • First QC checks and compares the trims with trim chart she checks the style no. Auto no. etc.
  • QC Randomly takes 10% of the trims and  transfers  to the trims inspection bin where QC is doing the inspection for quality of the trims.She compares the quality with merchandiser’s trim chart.
  • And prepares a quality inspection report duly signed by Store Manager and QA Manager.
  • If it is approved from the merchandiser then 6 pcs of each item is sent to merchandiser to prepare Trim chart for Production reference. And all the trims goes to inventory.
  • If the inspection is rejected re-inspection is done for 100% trims.If pass goes to inventory if not the whole lot is rejected and report is sent to merchandiser.

Quality Checks for Sewing Trims

             Zipper – color, length, puller, working condition etc
             Label – print quality, color, size etc
            Button – broken, without hole, color, size, thickness etc
            Thread – color, no. of ply, tkt no. etc
            Elastic – width, stretchability
            Twill Tape – width, weave structure, color

Quality Checks for Packing Trims

           Labels – size,color,print quality
           Hang Tags – size,color,print, string
           Stickers – gum strength, color, size print quality etc
           Sizer – Print quality, size.
           Polybag – measurement, print quality

Quality Check for Accessories  

Belt – length, width, color buckle quality etc. On receipt of goods they prepares inspection shortage report in case of no discrepancy in quantities is observed the inspection shortage report shall show the variance as nil. And forward the inspection shortage report to commercial and also to the concern merchandiser.

Qualification of Store Staff

Store GM  -   Degree in Masters, Minimum Experience of 10yrs in store and logistics
Store Manager  -   Degree in Masters , Minimum Experience of 05yrs in store and logistics
Store Executive  - Degree in Bachelors, Minimum Experience of 03yrs in Store
Store QC-Minimum SSC, Fresh Recruited and Passed Undergone Auto Training
Store Keeper -Minimum SSC, Fresh Recruited and Passed 01 month on job training under

Time and Action Calender

        Activity                                                                                  Time Line

Goods Receipt Note and Inventory                                                   02 Days
Trims 10% Inspection                                                                         02 Days
Warehouse – Trims Storing item wise                                                01 Day
Ware house – Fabric Storing Color/ Shade wise                                02 Day                       consumption wise as per requisition                                                  05 Hrs
Trims Issue as per cut bundle sheet                                                    02 Hrs

Evaluation Methodology

  • Simple System of evaluation by means of getting audit by departments other than store
  • Every Week system Audit for housekeeping, working system of stores, QCs and ware house keeping.
  • Daily Lab audit for ware house racks, to verify identification tags of shades and colors of fabric and if trims are kept as per bin card.
  • Crosschecking of performance of fabric inspection QCs and trims inspection QCs by production floor QCs

Assessing Performance after Evaluation and Reward

Method:Every Saturday at 11.00am, along with top management the reports of audits are reveiwed. Necessary guidelines, steps and actions are taken to improve performance of each individual.
Reward:  Persons performing excellent are been rewarded every week by offering to have lunch with CEO of company. Moral Boosting and Self Esteem. Special Renumeration and Promotions

Defining New Targets

  • Management decides new target based on
  • Assessment and progress
  • Need of new systems on the basis of market competion
  • Update in infrastructre
  • Update of Customer Policy
  • Action on New Target
  • Management support by providing edequated resources and infrastructure
  • Education and Training
  • Follow up by doing in time audits
  • Counseling for  Garments Fabric and Trims Store

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