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How to Set Business Card Policy ?

Business Card Policy

Business Card Rules:

This policy will be applicable for the employees of AUTO GROUP designated as Assistant Manager and above for the production staff, and for all office employees of the head office and the factory offices. To ensure the proper usage of business cards by the authorized employees and to motivate people by allowing them to use the identity of the organization to highlight their own identity and to help augment the image of the company. Employees of an organization need business cards to represent the company while meeting and communicating people outside of the organization. Besides this, also there need to be clear guideline regarding how the business cards will be issues and disbursed. Keeping these things in mind this policy has been formulated.

Business Card Policy: 


  • Business cards will be provided to all office staff as well as trainees in the Head Office and the Factory offices.
  • Business cards will only be provided to employees holding the designation or equivalent position of Assistant Manager and above, in the production floors.
  • Only 300 business cards will be provided a year to each person up to the position of DGM. Any number of cards beyond that would have to be explained and justified and cost would be shared.
  • Business cards have to be printed by HR for anyone who needs the cards. No one is allowed to print cards for him/herself without authorization from Director HR.
  • All business cards must use the same paper and printing format and style.
  • Business cards can show a functional designation beyond the actual job grading, only if approved by Director HR. Otherwise all cards must reflect the original job grade along with the functional designation.
  • Cards cannot show any personal phone numbers of mail addresses
  • A person may include the mention of a foreign degree if he/she chooses to, along with name and designation.
  • Business card will also include AUTO GROUP’s logo and address, telephone number, mobile number, fax number and e-mail address of the person
  • In case of getting promoted, a fresh copy of cards will be issued for that person
  • In case of transfer as well, new cards will be issued
  • At the time of departure, unused cards will be withdrawn.

Regulations & Procedures: 


  • Request has to be made formally from the respective individual to HR
  • HR department will provide necessary information regarding that person’s name, designation and so on.
  • Finally accounts department will issue necessary amount to make business cards 


Responsible Parties:

  • The Director HR is responsible for formulating the policy
  • The HR department is responsible for obtaining the card requisitions, checking the accuracy of the information, taking ratification from the individual for spelling and other information, and taking approval from Director HR and ordering the cards to be printed through Operations department
  • GM Operations is responsible for getting the printed on time and delivering to HR
  • HR is responsible for handover of cards to the individual and taking signature of receipt
  • The Accounts team is responsible for disbursement of necessary funds
  • Every individual is responsible for giving their own requisitions to HR

Communication & Implementation:

  • Policy will be communicated through mail notifications to all and subsequent explanation by department heads to team members
  • Also will be explained by HR team members
  • Policy book will be provided to all department heads for reference


In case of upper level employees or any kind of emergencies the business cards might be provided hurriedly rather than waiting to fulfill the slots.


If someone has not received the cards in time, he/she will inform the Director HR or their division heads who will inform the Director HR. The same would be done for any mistake in information printed. Thus it will be ensured that the system is working. Business card policy should have all factories.

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