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What is Garment Worker Welfare Board ?

Garment Worker Welfare Board

Worker Welfare Board

This policy is applicable for the members of worker welfare board and all employees especially all workers of all factories. To ensure existence of an effective and efficient committee which will provide a common ground between the workers and the authority. The labor law of Bangladesh influences formation of such committee in all factories to ensure that the workers have a mechanism to interact with the management and express their view in various issues. This is also a requirement of the international labor law and of buyer COC. Thus the policy has been formulated. It is Written in Bangla Languaga ...

Worker Welfare Board Policy:

  • Arrange for  G.D.C. committee & keep record & keep perpetual  observation if decision taken according to the  G.D.C’s  meeting minutes is implemented . The WWC will not have any political affiliation of any kind
  • There will be no discussion of national politics in this forum
  • Members will be from all section and nominated without discrimination
  • Al working members will be provided additional compensation for their time and effort from 2012 and are to be given special identification means (ribbons/ cards)
  • That the company will try its best to adopt as many of the requests that are reasonable
  • That the company will publicize across the company, all benefits that have been increased for the workers as on output of participative decision making in the worker welfare board
  • Ensure workers’ health and safety facilities in working place. Resolution of these worker welfare board will be signed and endorsed by all members
  • Ensure leave or rest facility. Making sure that, interests and rights of both the owners and the workers are properly being maintained
  • Creating a harmonious relationship among the owners and the workers
  • Ensure timely and legal payment of maternity benefit. Improving the work environment
  • Motivating everyone and improving the work efficiency and productivity
  • Making sure that, everyone participates for the overall betterment of the company
  • In the committee, there should be sufficient number of delegates from the administration authority and workers and their number should be equal
  • Workers of any level except the helper, who has successfully completed 1 year and employment would be eligible to become member of the committee
  • The operational time period of a committee is 1 year
  • Female delegates form the workers’ side would be in proportion to the female workforce in the factory
  • The delegates of the workers would be chosen through selection or election or both
  • Worker welfare board meeting should be conducted with the presence of maximum number of members
  • Ensure pregnant workers do not  do hard work that is painful and harmful for herself and the      future child. And their regular check-up is done. There should be at least 1 worker delegate from each floor
  • Ensure day care center is functional and every child stayed  in child care get legal facilities. There should be at least one meeting every month

Policies governing duties and responsibilities of the committee members –

  • Monitoring of medical center and its facilities are given to the workers. The duty of the committee members are to protect the rights of both the owners and workers and motivating workers to carry out their duties and responsibilities properly
  • Creating common ground for the owners and workers regarding mutual trust, helping and understanding
  • Make all the workers secured and aware about factory’s security. Ensuring that, labor laws are enforced properly
  • Encouraging workers to maintain discipline, security, keeping the factory neat and clean; improving work environment and sustaining
  • Making workers aware of family planning, health and safety
  • Committee should discuss ways on achieving production targets, increasing productivity, reducing production cost and wastages and improving product quality along with issues related to their comforts, rights, needs, facilities, benefits, compensation structure etc.
  • Committee should communicate with the workers regarding the rules and regulations to improve the company and encourage to maintain company disciplines
  • Report to authority of any corporal punishment & mental punishment, harassment , abuse and     sexual punishment. Making the workers part of factory’ improvement
  • Communicating with everyone regarding the facilities and benefits provided by company and the rules and regulation of the company

Policies for implementation of committee recommendations/suggestions by the authority-

Authority should try their best to implement the recommendations made by committee and should communicate with the worker welfare board in case of having any kind of complications and should try their best to resolve those
  • Regular conduction of different training. Besides the general benefits the committee members should get the benefit regarding welfare officer job transfer, dismissal of service and so on
  • In case of having any kind of unwanted incidents, committee members should take action after discussing with the authority

Worker Welfare Board Regulations & Procedures:

  • Ensure legal payment as like salary, OT allowance & compensation. Committee meeting should be arranged at least once per month
  • Meeting should be arranged after the completion of daily works
  • Meeting agendas should be decided prior to start the committee meeting
  • The meeting agendas/issues should be collected from the floor workers
  • The recommendations/suggestions made in the committee meeting should be communicated to the administration/higher authority for implementation and also should be communicated to the company workers
  • Nominations will be taken from the every sections for multiple candidates, where anyone can be nominated
  • A screening will be done by the Welfare and Production Departments ensure only such people are in the final election, who have some basic education level and also no significant record of disciplinary breach
  • Every section will elect at least one representative through secret ballot
  • People from the administrative side will be chosen by the Directors
  • All committee members will give list of issues to the Welfare officials who will make the agenda of the meeting
  • Meeting will be held once a month and all agenda points will be discussed and decisions given
  • Meeting minutes will be proposed and circulated
  • Regular check of complain box and report to authority. Each of the members will be provided with a register and they will take signatures of all the people that they discuss the output of each meeting with
  • They will be required to speak to small groups for 10 to 15 minutes every day between 1 meeting to the next to ensure maximum outreach


Responsible Parties:

HR, Compliance and Administration Departments would be responsible for implementing this policy  
  • Policy will be communicated through mail notifications to all and subsequent explanation by department heads to team members
  • Also will be explained by HR team members
  • Policy book will be provided to all department heads for reference


HR and Compliance Departments will ensure that, Welfare is conducting the election properly. Management will review minutes of all the meetings. Through checking of WWC worker members registers will show how many people they spoke to. Compliance will ensure all minutes have been circulated. As the formation and activities of the WWC is mandatory so, there is no exception of this worker welfare board policy

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