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Write a Appointment Letter for Nurse in Garments Factory

Appointment Letter for Nurse

Private & Confidential
Date: 15.07.2017

Dardvin Adkter
P.S. - Savar
Dist. - Dhaka

Sub.: Appointment Letter as Nurse 

Dear Ms. Sahana,

We are pleased to appoint you in the position of Nurse on the following terms:

You will join on or before 1st August 2007.
You will be an employee of Auto Apparels Limited and based at its plant in Manikgonj, Bangladesh.
Your starting Gross salary will be Taka 8,000/- (Eight thousand taka) per month. Income Tax or any other deduction as applicable under the statutory regulation of the country, on salary and benefits from the company will be borne by you.
You will be on probation for 06 (Six) months from the date of your joining and during this period your service may be terminated at any time without notice or assigning any reason. Similarly, you will not required to give any notice to the company should you decide to resign.
You will be confirmed in your service after satisfactory completion of the probationary period. Your salary may be reviewed after three months based on your performance.
You will be entitled to get festival bonus at every Eid as per company rule.
After confirmation, your notice period for leaving the Company will be 30 (thirty) days or surrendering of 30 (thirty) days salary in lieu of notice period.
Your service will be governed by the rules and regulations of the Company and in accordance to the applicable laws of the land. However, these rules or laws may be reviewed and changed from time to time. But your obligation to follow such changed rules and laws will not alter in any case.
You will not during your employment with the Company disclose or permit to be disclosed any confidential information to anyone other than an employee of the Company or other third party duly authorized by the Company to receive the specific information or use, cause or permit to be used, to the detriment or prejudice of the Company’s any business or trade secret or confidential information.
You will not whilst being in the employment of the Company be allowed to undertake any other work gratuitously or for reward and you will not accept any gift or gratuity whether in cash or otherwise from any of the customers or suppliers of the company.
You are advised to abide in company policy and discipline strictly.
Your job is transferable within the departments or enterprises of the company.
Appointment Letter for Nurse in Garments Factory

If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, please sign the duplicate copy of the letter of appointment as a token of your acceptance and send it to the Human Resource Department.

For Auto Garments Limited




I do hereby accept the appointment on the terms and conditions set out above and by me signature hereto I bind myself to abide by these terms and conditions of service.




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2. File Appointment Letter for Nurse

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