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Senior Accounts Officer Job Description

Senior Accounts Officer Job

Senior Accounts Officer Job 

Job Title: Sr. Officer Department: Accounts.

Reports to: General Manager/ Assistant Accounts Manager

Reporting Channel: Immediate Superior: General Manager /Accounts Manager

Immediate Sub-ordinate: Jr. Account’s officer/ Jr. Merchandiser.

No. of employee supervise: 02

Co-coordinating Departments:

Internal: All departments.

External: Bank, Insurance.

Senior Accounts Officer Job Description :

  • Review of compliance with laws, regulation and management policies.
  • Review of accounting and internal control system and recommending improvement.
  • Order booking is at right price in consideration to cost and at least minimum profit margin and also order quantity is enough for feeding the machine.
  • The review of the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operation in factory: 
  • Senior Accounts Officer Job Description  a. Production Planning, 
  • b. Material Consumption
  • c. Machine and manpower utilization and commensurate productivity.
  • Material at right price and quantity; Export quantity is as per order and material procured, Export Proceeds are properly received.
  • Check whether any payment is to be made correct in calculation, schedule of payment, approval of quotation, expenses are logical and required and accordingly recommend for payment.
  • Ensuring the checking of continuous material stock system of company; justification of use, balance in hand, Transparency in Inter Company Transfer of goods.
  • Verification of the accuracy of the financial records and of related reports and statistics
  • The examination of financial and operating information; review, classify and report of such information and specific inquiry into individual items. 
  • To operate Accounts Package daily as per transaction.
  • To prepare all J.V. (Party, Bank & Others) 
  • To maintain export sales records.
  • To maintain Export & Import statements. 
  • To prepare Weekly/ Monthly salary sheet & salary disbursement.
  • To prepare order wise fabric consumption, pricing, knitting & dyeing Program. 
  • To reconcile all necessary accounts of the company as & when required basis.
  • To prepare accounts and producing quarterly, half-yearly and annual accounts. 
  • To maintain Inventory (Stock of yarn, Issue of yarn etc.).
  • Responsible for preparing of Monthly report for the department. 
  • Accountable for reconciliation with data among various parties ledger balance. 
  • Settlement with bank statement & accounting software of the company. 
  • Resolution all necessary data for making Journal, Ledger, trail balance sheet and balance sheet. 
  • Co-ordinate with Commercial department activities in addition with your existing job responsibilities. 
  • Monitoring the team to prepare the annual report of the company. 
  • Assist to reconciliation with inters company accounting data. 
  • Dependable to prepare cheque as per requisition of the authority. 
  • You have to squaring off with Inventory software of accounts department. 
  • Prepare all necessary data for making Journal, Ledger, trail balance sheet and balance sheet to prepare annual report. 
  • Support to prepare annual report of the company. 
  • Assist for daily transaction data entry in accounting software
  • Support to prepare all necessary data for making Journal, Ledger and Trail balance sheet. 
  • Short out of all cash voucher for posting in accounting software. 
  • Help in data entry on Inventory software of Accounts department. 
  • Give a hand to prepare weekly report of accounts department. 
  • To correspondence with buyer.
  • To prepare, submit and maintain all necessary reports & records (as desired by higher Management.) within stipulated time.
  • To do any other relevant & necessary job(s) as desired by the management.
  • Party Posting.
  • Party Reconciliation, Cheque Requisition & Party Cheque down (Party Bank Posting).
  • VDS & TDS Posting & Send report Tax Department for Prepare to Challan Payment.
  • Debtors Flow up.
  • Debtors Reconciliation.
  • Senior Accounts Officer Job Description  Block Debtors flow up.
  • Collection flow up.
  • Invoice & Delivery Flow up & Reconciliation.
  • Tally Configuration.
  • Cash Sales Flow up.
  • Depot Stock, Production,& Reconciliation
  • Goods In transit posting.
  • Loan posting.
  • Loan payment schedule, Bank Reconciliation.
  • Monthly financial report to management 
  • External auditor support. 
  • Fixed Assets Schedule
  • Provisional Entry
  • Over all Accounts flow up. 
  • Fixed Assets Schedule. 
  • All Voucher verified. 
  • Tally Configuration 
  • Monthly financial report to management 
  • External auditor support
  • All Unit Head Wise Cash Voucher Preparation for Software Posting. 
  • BASSL All Cash Voucher Posting Individually. 
  • To Make 13 (Thirteen) Unit Monthly Operation Budget & forward to at the beginning of the Month. 
  • Petty Cash Support Provide for Hemayetpur Zone Unit. (Group Expenses). 
  • Follow up BALSSL 4 (Four) depot Petty Cash & Reconcile it time to time. 
  • Senior Accounts Officer Job Description  Assist for Cash Withdrawn from bank.
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