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Sewing Quality Controller Job Description

Sewing Quality Controller Job 

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Sewing Quality Controller Job

Name: MR. MD. MOLLNIR KHAN Department: Quality

Job Title : Sewing Quality Controller

Reports to : Assistant Manager (QC & Audit) / Quality Incharge 

RESPONSIBILITIES. (Authority and accountability for people, plant / assets, money.)

Supervises : Quality.

Plant / assets : NIL

Money : NIL


  • Sewing Quality Controller Job tasks preformed while discharging responsibilities.
  • Providing supervisor to entire line for quality.
  • Responsible for Quality assurance.
  • Assisting in setting of production pattern.
  • Giving proper training to quality inspectors and iron personnel.
  • Random checking of garments in the line.
  • Random measurement checking of finishing goods in the line.
  • Providing supervision to entire line for quality.
  • Sewing Quality Controller Job Responsible for Quality assurance.

Check List

• Approved sample +PP comments +approved trim card should be displayed @ the end of the check table. If fty needs duplicate samples for other dept. fty QCM is responsible to check sample against the approved PP , signed off & distribution.

• Quality process has to set in the sewing line during input.

• End of front , back ,assembly 100% inspection

• Machine check list need to follow up

• Need to set roving QC & 7/0 inspection follow up.

• Pilot production approval for bulk & need to check measurement, quality, label attachment etc.-RD-Pilot production approval form

• Each machine needs to hv a standard mock up with operation standard, SPI, needle gauge, Tex of thread + mock up needs to be approved by line quality in charge

• Pilot wash if necessary

• Follow approval standard for washing

• Pilot production approvals after washing –RD-Pilot production approval form

• Factory has to keep wash standard at the finishing dept for finishing dept. to verify the final product.

• If any measurement discrepancy fty needs to update cutting dept on the additional shrinkage for pattern adjustment.

• All the over lock machine must hv metal gauges.

• Finishing boards should be made with one side Tin + other side hard boards that should be approved by quality in charge.

• Product safety controls

• Any inspection table qc checking 100% measurements + patterns shapes that table should hv approved hard patterns.

• Measurements

1. Every half day 02 pcs for all POMs per size which are coming out

2. If any OOT conduct AQL for output for OOT POMs.

3. If fail, 100% inspect & repair

4. If pass – corrective action for Sewing Quality Controller Job
5. After wash fty needs to check 02size set.

6. 100% measurement evaluation fty needs to follow tally sheet.

TRAINING REQUIRED: Management Training


Signature Date

Job Holder

Signature Date
Asst. Manager (QC & A)

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman Email: garmentspedia@gmail.com

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