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What is Industrial Clothing Company Policy?

Industrial Clothing Company

We are manufacturers of XYZ products and believe in the success of our business activities. One of the reasons for our success is that we feel a sense of obligation to our tradition, and act accordingly. It is because of this conviction that we support our employees and their families, and protect our environment. In order to safeguard our success, we have invested in the latest technologies, and for the benefit of our employees we comply with both national and international legal regulations. This enables us to ensure our customers a high level of performance and high-quality products at affordable prices.

We have established a continuous optimisation process in order to achieve our social and environmental goals. All our employees bear responsibility for this, and their specific tasks have been defined.
Industrial Clothing Company Policy
What is Industrial Clothing Company Policy

No discrimination is permitted in our Clothing Company: we have a multi-cultural working environment, and believe in equal rights and opportunities for all people without regard to sex, religion, colour of skin or other personal characteristics.

No forced labour is permitted in our Clothing Company. Our employees work voluntarily and willingly in our company, seeking our joint success.

We do not employ any children aged less than XY years (legal minimum age for employees to be inserted here).

The normal working time in our Company is XY hours per week (legal working time regulation is to be entered), and we do not practise an excessive number of overtime hours. Where overtime is necessary, for example due to high work load, overtime is done only with the consent of the employees and in the framework of the legally permissible limits. We make sure that employees have at least one day free per week.

In payment of wages, we exceed the minimum wages stipulated in our country. Our goal is for the wages of our employees to cover their basic needs, and for a further amount to be available to them at their free disposal.

Our Clothing Company offers a working environment which is acceptable for health, and is safe and clean. All our machines are inspected regularly, and all employees are provided with personal protection devices where necessary. Our employees can also make use of our medical service free of charge.

Our employees are our partners. It is therefore self-evident to us that they are entitled to elect their own active representatives. We ensure that all employees can put forward any complaints or problems connected with their employment, and can inform management of them. We will then seek solutions together.

All our suppliers are obliged by contract to apply the same principles in their facilities. We regularly monitor their compliance with these minimum social standards.

Clothing Company are proud that our products are manufactured under good social conditions.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman Email: garmentspedia@gmail.com

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