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Write a Appointment Letter for Nurse in Garments Factory

Narrate Friendship Day in a Textile Factory

Fashion Cover Letter Examples for Apparel IndustryGarments

Worker Assessment & Recruitment Policy

Resume for Fashion Insustry Job

How to Write a CV for Industrial Engineering in Garments

Application for Head of Merchandising Jobs

AStandard Resume of Maintenance Manager

Appointment of Senior Management Reprehensive

Write a Resignation Letter of a Textile Professional

Jobs Findings and Recommendations of a Garment Factory

Job Responsibilities

Garments Merchandiser Job Description

Garments Merchandiser Duties and Job Description

Document and Leave Clerk Job Description

Job Responsibility of Time Keeper

Tread Cutting Supervisor Job Description

Store Department

Garments Store Manager Job Description and Responsibilities

Senior Store Keeper Job Description

Store Keeper Job Description

Assistant Store Keeper Job Description

Production Department 

Responsibility Apparel Production Manager Job Description

Dyeing Department 

Dyeing In charge Manager Supervisor Operator Job Responsibility

Senior Dyeing Manager Production Job Description

Textile Deputy Dyeing Manager Job Description

Assistant Dyeing Manager Production Job Description

Textile Dyeing Junior Manager Job Description

Textile Dyeing Senior Officer Job Description

Textile Dyeing Supervisor Job Description

Textile Dyeing Junior Supervisor Job Description

Textile Dyeing Supervisor Job Description

Textile Dyeing Operator Job Description

Write Garment Dry & Wet Processing Job Responsibilities

Finishing Department 

Garment Finishing In-Charge Job Description

Assistant Mechanic Job Description

Policy Topic List

Standard Working Hours and Employee Attendance Policy

What is Industrial Clothing Company Policy?

What Is Customer Communication Procedure?

What Is Internal Communication Procedure?

What is Appraisal Procedure and Policy

What is Management Review Policy and Procedure?

What is Human Resource Procedure and Policy?

What is Holidays Policy of a Garments Factory ?

Confirmation Transfer Separation & Redundancy Policy

Garments Employee Termination Policy and Procedures

Policy of Jobs for Pregnant Woman

Workers Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure

What is Employee Performance Appraisal Policy ?

Garments Staff Training Policy and Procedure

Job Findings andRecommendations of a Garment Factory

Importance of Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry

What is Outstanding Payment Policy for Workers ?

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